Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Grown Up Space

My girl turns 10 tomorrow!  Yes, 10!  How did that happen?  I've been telling her for some time that we will redecorate the bathroom down the hallway since I've decided it's Emily's only.  We have three bathrooms.  The boys can use another one.  She needed a space that felt more hers.  Her body is changing and although, she is still comfortable out in the open with her brothers, it's good that she have some space that is all hers. Well, hers and her Dad's since he showers in there in the morning as to not wake me up!

I've had these tropical frog decorations for over 10 years.  Funny, I hate frogs.  Tropical or otherwise.  Oh, excuse the date stamp.  I don't know how that got on there, but when I saw these pictures, it was the first thing I took care of, date! Plus, it's off a day?

We went with an owl theme since she loves owls and even after the owl fad is over, they are so cute that I won't mind them either.  They are cute, but not too nursery like.

I printed up these pictures on the internet and then painted the matte frames pink, so they girly up the place a little.

I'm trying to keep it a surprise for tomorrow. So, I'm telling the kids I clogged the toilet and I locked the door. I need Dad's help to unclog it. I'm hoping they don't realize that I've probably used that toilet 5 times in 7 years. I never go in there really. I don't know if I can pull off the surprise until tomorrow, but at least until David comes home.

It's probably a good thing too that she never reads my blog!


Anonymous said...

OMG... so cute. Even the waste paper basket. You are the best. I'm sure she'll love it... ♪Happy Birthday Eve to Emily♫..

Linda said...

Of course I LOVE this!!! Looks great!

Love, Linda