Friday, August 1, 2014

A Good Day

Yesterday was full of good things.

I took the kids to the last summer movie. Then, Dakri took Emily and Noah home (David was working from home) and I took Ben to his eye appointment in Phoenix. We've been going to the eye doctor four times a year for over three years. On our last appointment in April, the Doctor had us stop patching Ben's eye. We've been doing this for three years and his eyes weren't changing anymore, which means the patching wasn't effective anymore. Ben's eye have gone from legally blind to about 20/35. So, that's amazing progress. We stopped patching.

Yesterday, I was prepared for the Doctor to tell us his bad eye had gotten worse and we need to start patching again. Instead, he told us the eye was the same as it was 3 months ago, so it's locked into where it's at. He also told us at this point, we can go to annual eye exams! Yippee! I was shocked. We are so, so happy at Ben's progress. And as much as we like Dr. Salevitz, we are happy to only see him once a year.

We got home from Phoenix and only had a short time before we headed to the kids' meet and greet with their teachers. It was on meet and greet night 5 years ago that everything with my pregnancy with Noah took a turn for the worse. Shortly after that meet and greet, I was on a helicopter to Phoenix praying that Noah and I would live. This years meet and greet was a happy occasion. For one, I was not dying. For two, my baby looks like this.
 photo IMG_1658_zpsf7559d7c.jpg

And he learned how to drink from a water fountain.
 photo IMG_1663_zps9c6fff56.jpg

You wouldn't think it's a skill you have to learn, but he's only done it a few times in his life. Living in Arizona, you bring cold water with you everywhere. If we even go to the grocery store, I bring water for each of us. At first he would get water in his mouth and then spit it in the drain part. Um, you are supposed to drink it little man. He got the hang of it.

We are thrilled that Ben has Emily's third grade teacher. Poor Ben's eyes were still really dialated and he could barely see.
 photo IMG_1659_zps0433de97.jpg

I wanted to take Emily's picture and she said, Mom please not here. I didn't force it, but geez, you are only in fifth grade lady!

The kids all got great teachers and we are super excited for another wonderful year!


Linda said...

Wow, how fast the time goes, right! <3 5th grade and then 6th grade and that's when S. got her period. You think time is flying now, ha ha. It's really incredible how it goes by in one big blur, at least that's how it feels for me.

No more meet and greet the teachers for us of course, but college classes do begin on August 18th, so just two weeks, and we have a whole lot of summer to fit in before then.

That's great news about Ben's eyes! All of my sisters wore glasses early on; I remember I told you they did the patching with Angela, at only a a year old after some surgeries, but she still wore glasses from age 1 on.

Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Well that is certainly good news re; Ben's eye appointment. He must be a happy little camper knowing he does not have to patch everyday when he gets out of school.He has always been so compliant though it was never a problem for him and it seems to have worked.
Glad the kids are all excited and ready for school. What a wonderful reminder that for Noah it all began on the night of the back to school open house.. He certainly has come a long way and at the same time he is so lucky to be here at all. When we see such a sweet well rounded little man we tend to forget the rocky entry he had into this world. Hope the year is a happy one for all three of your "little" ones.