Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome to 1985

We've been without Internet for 5 days. Our modem took a hit in a storm. We have our phones but they barely work in our house; hence, the new tower that's going up in a few months.  

We were all okay at first. We played more with the kids and did random chores like cleaning the garage. Now the kids are getting bored. Emily wants to be on YouTube on her tablet. Ben wants to watch superhero cartoons. I've been going to our friends house to use their wifi for work.  The kids are playing hide and seek now. Up next, I'll break out the Atari. Welcome to 1985 kids!


Linda said...

I thought you were on your trip by now. :) That would be unimaginable really to not have access to the internet. I could do easily without television and my phone, but I would miss not being able to get onto the computer at least once a day. Jim, works from home still 2 days a week, so he has to have the internet connection.

When we went "camping" - ha ha - to the campground over the weekend, there was a couple there with 2 little kids, and I was shocked that the little kids were playing on phones nearly most of the time. So sad, really, to be out in such a beautiful surrounding, and their parents didn't take the time to let them explore. I know it's the opposite at your house, especially when camping. I thought of that, and how these little kids were missing out on all of that.

Hope you have a nice trip and looking forward to your updates.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't technology grand? Hard to imagine life before it came along. Maybe we all need a little wake up call before it completely consumes us. I like your reference to 1985and think back to that time
Oh those were the days. :)
Now on to your vacation. Have fun and be safe.