Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vacation, Day 8

We headed out of Banff today. Banff is lovely, but very touristy and very expensive. We were headed west today to Revelstoke, but had a few stops along the way.

The first was Emerald Lake. We walked up and Emily, said, weren't we here yesterday? Um, no dear. This lake is totally a different color.
 photo IMG_2895_zpsea7be2f9.jpg
 photo IMG_2878_zps50959670.jpg
 photo IMG_2881_zps08cbfe43.jpg
 photo IMG_2884_zps6380a94e.jpg
 photo IMG_2892_zpsac7851ec.jpg

It was no where near as cold as the lakes yesterday.
 photo IMG_2897_zps297da607.jpg

 photo IMG_2901_zps3f65d55e.jpg

Then, Ben wanted to take a picture, so I showed him how. This is his first photo with a real camera.
 photo IMG_2902_zps204b72eb.jpg

Then, he took this one of David and I.
 photo IMG_2910_zps7f47fa0e.jpg

This one makes me laugh. Not because I have two chins or anything, but because of his reflection in my glasses. I love that the camera is bigger than his entire face. He also uses his left eye to take photos, which makes sense since that is his good eye.
 photo IMG_2913_zps5690fed1.jpg

He said Peter Parker was a photographer, so maybe he will be too.
 photo IMG_2921_zps3825df76.jpg

We stopped at Roger's Pass to eat lunch. You can't beat the view.
 photo IMG_2926_zpse6acd308.jpg

This is a huge cannon aiming for the mountain.
 photo IMG_2928_zps95255b25.jpg

This bird stole Noah's Dorito.
 photo IMG_2935_zps8efd2c77.jpg

We got to our hotel in Revelstoke, British Colombia a little early. We are staying at the nicest hotel here. I felt like a little splurge, and man is it ever nice. We walked in and the kids went crazy. It's by far the nicest hotel David or I have ever stayed at. It has close to 20 foot ceilings. It's called The Sutton Place.
 photo IMG_2937_zps551fb193.jpg

Ben calls this the man cave and he is sleeping on this fold out sofa tonight.
 photo IMG_2938_zpsf97535e9.jpg

Noah claims the King size bed. He'll probably sleep with David and I there.
 photo IMG_2939_zps0b28ed69.jpg

And here's one of the bathrooms. Yes, there are two! And another fold out sofa!
 photo IMG_2940_zps6773b1c3.jpg

And we have a balcony.
 photo IMG_2941_zps995eea78.jpg

We were all hot and tired, so we went swimming.
 photo IMG_2942_zps257157a5.jpg

They are two hot tubs too!
 photo IMG_2944_zpsa9af73c8.jpg
 photo IMG_2947_zpsbc0ea2e9.jpg
 photo IMG_2950_zpsf814fa3d.jpg

David throws Ben every where. One day, he won't be able to throw him anymore.
 photo IMG_2957_zps605b3e44.jpg

Then, we went to this little restaurant for dinner called Nomad. Noah just wanted a vanilla milkshake.
 photo IMG_2961_zps3c17f6b8.jpg

David got fish n chips and I got a yummy chicken wrap. So, so good.
 photo IMG_2962_zpsf2054b64.jpg

Noah finally got his vanilla shake after he finished his chicken nuggets.
 photo IMG_2965_zps9fb1bf4f.jpg

 photo IMG_2968_zps8fd184d9.jpg

Emily got a butter pecan cone. I told her Granny would approve.
 photo IMG_2969_zps1ba790de.jpg

Ben got a chocolate milkshake.
 photo IMG_2974_zps191e35d0.jpg

And Noah had to copy his big brother.
 photo IMG_2977_zps62a53b2b.jpg

I got this pic of Emily at sunset from our balcony.
 photo IMG_2983_zpsb27b7005.jpg

On my list of the many things to learn when Noah goes to school full time in 19 days is to figure out how to use my fancy camera. I was hating that all of our pictures make the smoke look so bad when it doesn't look like that at all. It was all white and awful. So, I played with the dial in M mode. I have no idea what that is, but I finally got a picture to look like it does in real life. Here's our view from our balcony.
 photo IMG_3003_zps3210cd1e.jpg
 photo IMG_3009_zps626394e5.jpg

We wish we could stay in this town for another week! It's wonderful here. I would highly recommend Revelstoke and The Sutton Place Hotel. You know, if you are ever in the area. We will be back. In the morning, we have a lovely gondola ride up the mountain to a buffet breakfast! Then, it's a 3 hour drive to our next stop in Kamloops.


Linda said...

Beautiful! All of it!!

M mode is Manual mode where you can change all of the individual settings

What a great place to stay as well!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, I really enjoyed all the pictures of the places you've been and sights you've seen on this trip . I'm glad that forest fire has not disrupted your journey, so far. Just think in a week all that you've done and seen. Even if to the kids all lakes and mountains look the same they at least have had the benefit of knowing a little more of the world than just what they see on a normal day.
Anyway, hope today proves to be a good one. Kamloops is where Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula were married and where Paula's family lived.Amy also went to college there.Maybe that little bit of knowledge will make it a little more special for Em.☼!
Have fun....