Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vacation, Day 7

Today we headed to breakfast at our hotel. This is what it looks like from the outside. Wood everywhere. It's pretty.
 photo IMG_2736_zps09dc8f36.jpg

Then, we started off with a dip in the hot tub. We are staying at the Fox Hotel and their hot tub looks like an underground cave. You can view it from the top, like this.
 photo IMG_2739_zpsf41c58e1.jpg

And this is the view from inside.
 photo IMG_2740_zps45824411.jpg

 photo IMG_2741_zps4d6a531f.jpg

 photo IMG_2742_zps3428fa9e.jpg

 photo IMG_2743_zps24c2ba5f.jpg

The kids are playing hide n seek.
 photo IMG_2745_zps390632e3.jpg

 photo IMG_2746_zps432415cd.jpg

 photo IMG_2747_zps3eced8e4.jpg

It was lovely, but there were some mosquitos down there. Now, we are from dry as a bone Arizona where mosquitos are rare. We don't like them. At all. So, after swatting a few, we were out of there on ready to start our day.

We drove straight to Lake Louise. There are fires going on in Banff somewhere. We don't know where, but it's kind of hazy out. But, it's not affecting anything we are doing. Rather have haze than rain! Well, I'm sure the firefighters would rather have the rain, but as tourists, rain is a no bueno. When I saw the pictures I took, the smoke looked way worse than it did in person.

I've seen pictures of Lake Louise and always wanted to go there. Let me just say, it's just as breathtaking as you think it will be. When we walked up, it's just a WOW moment. Unlike anything I've ever seen. I got a little teary eyed.
 photo IMG_2766_zps3dd26fbf.jpg
 photo IMG_2749_zps20fe9dcc.jpg
 photo IMG_2751_zps4ef090a0.jpg
 photo IMG_2753_zps3babb8e0.jpg
 photo IMG_2756_zps6518bdb5.jpg
 photo IMG_2760_zps448e0b62.jpg
 photo IMG_2763_zpse18cbc7b.jpg
 photo IMG_2771_zps86aeae86.jpg
 photo IMG_2781_zps8a910daf.jpg
 photo IMG_2793_zps34ec7498.jpg
The kids thought it was neat, but are not as impressed with all the sight seeing. They'll get it one day, and luckily, I'll have 1,000 pictures to show them! What you can't tell from these photos and what I never realized is that there are thousands of people around. Tons of people and cars all over the place. They could easily use 10 times the parking. CRAZY!

Then, we drove over to Lake Moraine. It was just as crazy. They could've used about 500 more parking spaces there. We got lucky and got a parking spot. We had packed a picnic lunch, so we had a lovely meal overlooking the water. While David ran the cooler back to the car, the kids and I met a black bear.
 photo IMG_2799_zps31c39f9f.jpg

And found a payphone. I had to explain what it was. The kids thought it was soooo cool.
 photo IMG_2801_zps91376f17.jpg

Lake Moraine is just as stunning. And so is my girl...
 photo IMG_2810_zpsc2d14df3.jpg

The water was about 50 degrees. David said it made you go numb instantly which is why Ben looks like this.
 photo IMG_2811_zpsa37b0db9.jpg

 photo IMG_2814_zps79d1a41f.jpg

We took a little hike to the top of some mountains. The forest is so pretty.
 photo IMG_2822_zps7f41cd31.jpg

This looks really dangerous, but that was land under her feet.
 photo IMG_2827_zps3d5bad47.jpg

See, Lake Moraine doesn't disappoint.
 photo IMG_2834_zps8d051981.jpg

Literally, it looks like a fake photo backdrop.
 photo IMG_2839_zps65306703.jpg

We came back to the hotel and relaxed for a few hours. Then, we drove to see the Empress Hotel. This is a $500 night hotel. Too rich for our blood, but really pretty.
 photo IMG_2850_zps0791dbc8.jpg

We went for dinner and on the way home, this deer was just eating some dinner.
 photo IMG_2860_zps73ec7903.jpg

It was not afraid of people or cars and we sat and watched him for 15 minutes. Some people just drove right by and didn't notice. It was amazing.
 photo IMG_2865_zps1dac7030.jpg

Then, we noticed he had a friend in the yard next door who hopped over the fence to join him.
 photo IMG_2873_zpsbafd091b.jpg

And when we saw his head, we realized he had a string of Christmas lights on him.
 photo IMG_2874_zpsae5b7160.jpg

The kids thought the deer were super cool. It was the perfect end to a great day.

Tomorrow, we are on to a new town 3 hours away. We'll pass through 3 National Parks. I'm getting my camera charged right now. My kids are complaining about the amount of pictures I take. And, I realize that I've turned into my Mother. (love you, Mom.) I tell them that I was just liked them and used to hate that Granny took so many pictures. Now, I look back and love all the memories she captured. (Thanks, Mom!) They'll love it one day too!


Anonymous said...

Loved all the magnificent photos from today. Maybe the kids are not impressed right now, but they will be one day when they have all your beautiful pics to lookback on. Our thanks to you for sharing each day.

Linda said...

Yep, all of my family complains about all of the photos I take too. ;) Yet somehow it always happens - when we return home, the girls are always tagging themselves in photos, so they must secretly enjoy them.

Beautiful scenery - I've never seen mountains that large in person. Jim went to Lake Louise one time on a work conference.

Love, Linda

Medulla Man said...

Awesome pictures. My wife and I did a Canada trip this summer as well. Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper... It was all so amazing. Looks like you guys are having a blast.