Monday, July 14, 2014

Vacation, Day 6

I woke up quickly this morning to the sound of Ben puking. Well, it was a dry heave, and I told him to run to the toilet. He made it and puked a little. Uh oh, no bueno. This always happens though. Last year, it was me. People wonder why David and I sleep with our kids on vacation. This is why. We tried to go back to sleep, but he went to puke again about an hour later.

He wasn't throwing up much. He had no fever. Nothing else was wrong with him. So, we set off as planned. About an hour into our trip, I was glad Suzy packed him so baggies. He really lost his cookies. Well, Cocoa Puffs. Around the Canadian border, Noah and Emily looked like this.
 photo IMG_2615_zps3238e125.jpg

Ben looked like this.
 photo IMG_2617_zps2c9ee22e.jpg

He couldn't keep down water without it coming back up on him. Poor guy.

The drive was beautiful. Unlike anything I've ever seen. Mountains for days, and forest so think that you can't see 2 feet deep. Seriously stunning.
 photo IMG_2624_zps0f0088f7.jpg

Here's David with the Colombia Lake. It empties into the Pacific in Oregon.
 photo IMG_2631_zps6b3ba6f0.jpg

Then, we stopped at a rest stop and walked to the scenic lookout. Ben was throwing up the few french fries he had for lunch while I took this picture of Em and Noah.
 photo IMG_2635_zps0b4852d1.jpg

When I see this pic, I don't even look at anything but how sad Ben looks.
 photo IMG_2636_zps976afd82.jpg

David and Noah exploring.
 photo IMG_2645_zps43fd3837.jpg

We got back in the car and got stuck in an hour long 2 mile back up of traffic due to an accident. It sucked. But, not as much as driving by and seeing the infant carseat on the side of the road. Hopefully, everybody was okay. Ben asked several times if we were to the hotel yet. We think he may have had some motion sickness which being in a car for 6 hours is just about the last thing you need.

After we got through the traffic, we had to drive through Kootenay National Park. The fist stop is Radium Hot Springs, and I thought that was the perfect way to get out and relax a little. Ben had probably thrown up 8 times by now. I told him the hot springs have medicinal properties and it might heal him.

This was the water flowing from the mountain into the hot springs.
 photo IMG_2647_zpsc6f48c8d.jpg

It looks like a pool, but has no odor or taste or anything. There was a hot one and a cold one. We did the hot one first. You know, to heal Ben.
 photo IMG_2649_zps0d9f9a47.jpg

 photo IMG_2653_zps0d31ccce.jpg

 photo IMG_2657_zps3a65bd90.jpg

Then, we went to the cold pool.
 photo IMG_2665_zps8d9fd9f4.jpg

 photo IMG_2667_zpsfbcc62fb.jpg

Here's Noah on the slide. It was so pretty around the pools.
 photo IMG_2670_zps4c608de2.jpg

This was a really cool poster of how the springs used to look over 100 years ago.
 photo IMG_2674_zpsc75e203f.jpg

We weren't sure if the hot springs had a medicinal effect, but they definitely had a sedative effect. All three kids were out! Since we were in the National Park, I let Ben sit in the front, so he could recline back and hopefully, not feel as sick. He was asleep up there.
 photo IMG_2692_zps7f90c5fc.jpg

We stopped at Numa Falls. So, so pretty.
 photo IMG_2693_zpsd9b0db88.jpg

 photo IMG_2695_zps2f995b83.jpg

 photo IMG_2699_zps76caa5a2.jpg

Ben got out and wanted to see the falls. He ate some goldfish crackers before this and kept them down!
 photo IMG_2706_zpsbf267e5c.jpg

Our last stop was at Marble Canyon and we hiked a little down the trail.
 photo IMG_2709_zpsd523f0c3.jpg

 photo IMG_2713_zpsf31649bb.jpg

The water was such a pretty blue.
 photo IMG_2719_zps1016cf01.jpg

 photo IMG_2723_zps6e63b3db.jpg

 photo IMG_2724_zpsd35391d2.jpg

Then, we were off to Banff. Our last 30ish minutes. We had read about these wildlife overpasses at the hot springs. They literally have miles and miles of fence on the side of the highway and it directs wildlife to these overpasses. They've reduced people hitting animals by like 85-95%!
 photo IMG_2731_zps780ab0f1.jpg

Isn't this mountain cool? It was kind of sideways.
 photo IMG_2733_zpsbf57c92f.jpg

We got to our hotel and were exhausted. The good news is it appears Ben is all better! We also gained an hour when we got here, so it's super late. We were hungry and tired and are glad tomorrow is a chill day. We plan to drive around Banff and explore the National Park here. And visit the hotels cave hot tubs!


Anonymous said...

Poor Ben , but it looked like things improved as you progressed northward. Lots of beautiful scenery and hopefully healing waters may have saved the day. Hope everything is going smoother today. ☼
Have heard there are some forest fires out that way. Hope they are not affecting your travels.Loved all the pics. Thank you.

Piper AndTheKids said...

Poor Ben :( I can remember getting sick on vacation and half of me just wishing my parents would get a hotel so I could climb into bed and sleep and the other half not wanting to miss out on anything! I'm glad he started feeling better :)

Linda said...

Beautiful scenery but I felt so bad for Ben. My Mom always and sometimes one of my sisters or I had to take Dramamine when traveling by car not to get sick.

Hope everyone is well from here on out!

Love, Linda