Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation, Day 5

For our last day in Idaho, we wanted to do the best of everything. All five of us hopped on a jet ski this morning.
 photo IMG_2545_zpsbf4bb32f.jpg

This should be an endorsement for duct tape. The fiberglass has come off one of the jet skis. Without the duct tape, 6 inches of water got in the center. With the duct tape, only 1 inch!
 photo IMG_2551_zps699ec0d6.jpg

My Dad wanted to try to take a selfie with my fancy camera. This is what it looks like. We were cracking up.
 photo IMG_2572_zps943083ea.jpg

That's better.
 photo IMG_2577_zpsd4d02275.jpg

There was lots of jumping on the trampoline.
 photo IMG_2581_zps08bb61fe.jpg

We all spent time in the water. Ben's favorite new game is King of the Raft which is funny because he loses every time.

Emily was dying to go on the raft today. We take out the speed boat and it stalls. We couldn't get it to work. So, we pull it back in. Then, my Dad thought it may need gas and the gauge was broke. So, he went to town to get gas and put some in. We thought that fixed it. But, we took it out again and it stalled. So, in we go....again. Luckily, we barely made it back home. So, we take the raft out on the pontoon boat. It doesn't go as fast, but still loads of fun. The kids got in the water, my Dad pulled them for 10 seconds and stopped. They were like what the??? He just wanted to pull their line a little shorter, but I think they thought their ride was over again.
 photo IMG_2586_zps966c6c21.jpg

That's better.
 photo IMG_2594_zpsb58abf30.jpg

It was great. My Dad would send them from one side to the other out and over the wake. It was a blast!
 photo IMG_2606_zpsd5bd8293.jpg

 photo IMG_2605_zpse47026e9.jpg

 photo IMG_2607_zpse5656acb.jpg

We ended on a high note. A big thank you to my Dad and Suzy for always giving us such a special time here and so many great memories.

David and my Dad also went to pick up our rental car. We head out in the morning for phase 2 (out of 3) of our journey; a road trip to Banff. Then, on to Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you managed to get yourself along on this trip! LOL! I was thinking yesterday there is are not any pictures of you ( at least ones that we could tell it was you, so I'm glad you did get in a few shots on your last day in Idaho. I hope all is going well on Day 6 of your trip. Hope you'll get some WiFi and be able to connect. Have fun and continue safely through the Rockies and on to BC.

Linda said...

I love following along with you on your trip! So many great photos.
Love, Linda