Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vacation, Day 4

Today started off with a jet ski ride.
 photo IMG_2474_zpsc529491c.jpg
 photo IMG_2476_zps1eefbe86.jpg
 photo IMG_2477_zps9dd41554.jpg
 photo IMG_2481_zpsa54da9a0.jpg

Suzy bought the kids water guns! I think I liked them more than they did.
 photo IMG_2483_zps2f8bb5a2.jpg

Noah shooting the neighbor girl. She's sweet and was pretending he got her.
 photo IMG_2485_zpsc6137cac.jpg

Then, we took the kids into town to get a few things at the grocery store and we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. This was our first time ever eating McDonald's together as a family. The only time we've been there in the past 10 years, David went and got something else for himself to eat. So, it was a once a decade event.

We came home and relaxed in the water. It was warm, so the water felt great. Emily and Ben played king of the raft. Emily won.
 photo IMG_2489_zpsa41a3344.jpg

Look at how brave this little guy is.
 photo IMG_2494_zps5bb25ff2.jpg

Emily went swinging on Papa's swing.
 photo IMG_2503_zps247db17d.jpg

Then, Suzy's great granddaughter came over and we babysat for a few hours. She's so cute.
 photo IMG_2507_zps98936175.jpg

We built a fire tonight, so David chopped some wood. My husband is hot with an axe. He's hot without an axe too.
 photo IMG_2510_zpsf1006cf9.jpg

 photo IMG_2516_zps9e411727.jpg

David cooked us up smores.
 photo IMG_2520_zps36bcd9a4.jpg
 photo IMG_2517_zps33607f06.jpg
 photo IMG_2519_zpsd8a47bef.jpg

Then, the mosquitos were eating everybody, so they all ran inside. For some reason, they weren't bothering me or my Dad. I think they don't like O negative blood. :)

Noah came running back out just to play with fire.
 photo IMG_2529_zpsa893199d.jpg
 photo IMG_2541_zpsa3b87560.jpg

It was another great day. Tomorrow is our last day here. We plan to do a little bit of everything.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you're all having! Your family makes me smile so excited to see you xo Safe trip now💝

Anonymous said...

From dawn to dusk looked like a day filled with fun. I see dad didn't even get time to snooze. :)
One more day to have lots of water time and then you will be off to the Canadian Rockies and all the beauty of that sight. Hope all goes well and that you end up safely in BC according to plans. All the pictures have been great and certainly keeping Grampie happy.

Piper AndTheKids said...

I wish the mosquitoes where I am hated O- ! They swarm me :-|

Sometimes Noah looks like Ben's Mini-Me :) I see it in my boys, too--certain facial expressions are so alike :)

Linda said...

More wonderful memories!

Love, Linda