Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation, Day 3

I packed five outfits for each of us because I figured we would be here for 5 days, on the road for 5 days and at Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula's for 5 days. We can do laundry at the first and last home, but in the middle, we are on our own. I'm starting to realize that we won't even go through one outfit here. The kids are in swimsuits the entire day. Sometimes, they put on an outfit to feel dry and be able to sit on sofa for a few minutes while I make their lunch. But since they only wear it for a few minutes, I put it in a drawer and they wear it the next day again.

Today started with a boat ride to a beach. Noah wanted to try it again since we got a longer rope and he wouldn't be splashed the whole time.
 photo IMG_2345_zps2058e826.jpg

He liked it. This is his face when he likes something.
 photo IMG_2347_zps696293ac.jpg

We saw this water plane coming in and were trying to get there attention.
 photo IMG_2353_zps09283d88.jpg

Then, came another one.
 photo IMG_2354_zps2d782a43.jpg

Then, they finally noticed the first one.
 photo IMG_2355_zps7f2ff924.jpg

Pretty cool. They landed on the water in front of us a ways. Oh, to be rich.

This beach is only about a 5 minute boat ride away. We came here last year. The kids got busy working on sand castles.
 photo IMG_2356_zps543ca2bb.jpg

We all went out floating in the deeper water. Then, we came in and my Dad and Suzy hung out some more. It's truly beautiful.
 photo IMG_2361_zps67f0f698.jpg

David had a nice seat in the water, so I went and joined him after this pic.
 photo IMG_2365_zps924ff659.jpg

Then, we took a walk to the playground.
 photo IMG_2366_zps0eef9690.jpg

 photo IMG_2368_zps90ee9146.jpg

I love this park. It is so, so pretty.
 photo IMG_2370_zps8e451bbb.jpg
 photo IMG_2375_zps374718f9.jpg

Ben was trying to communicate.
 photo IMG_2376_zpsca439abe.jpg

Emily thinks any park with a bar is a great park.
 photo IMG_2377_zps3ab9793d.jpg

Noah riding a dinosaur.
 photo IMG_2381_zps6bbe8763.jpg

Then, we went walking through the park looking for Bigfoot. We didn't find him.
 photo IMG_2387_zpsa60eac00.jpg

After lunch, David took a nap (shocker), I read my book, and the kids did a little of everything.
 photo IMG_2388_zpsed0ac6cf.jpg

Then, Ben's waterbed was floating down the river, so Emily and Noah tried to save him.
 photo IMG_2392_zps89f3129f.jpg

He was supposed to grab on to the cord on the kayak, but that didn't go so well.
 photo IMG_2394_zps0452d3d8.jpg

So, David had to get him. Luckily, he woke up from his nap in time. I thought I'd have to do it.
 photo IMG_2398_zpsb38a000d.jpg

We watched part of the movie Jaws, maybe not the best water movie. Then, Ben turned into a monster and tapped fangs to his face. He made some for Noah too. They look real scary!
 photo IMG_2400_zps46cfd13c.jpg

After dinner, we took out the speed boat. I don't think the kids have ever been on the speed boat. This time, we were going to pull them on the raft with that. A whole different experience from the pontoon boat.

My hubby looks hot. I'm a lucky girl.
 photo IMG_2404_zpsa66e776a.jpg

The kids were excited about the speed.
 photo IMG_2405_zpse8d983bc.jpg

Ben thinks speed is more his style.
 photo IMG_2407_zpsac356342.jpg

Noah decided to be brave and went out for a little bit.
 photo IMG_2420_zps0bb2de19.jpg

But, a few big waves, and he was done.

Then, it was time for Em and Ben to have some fun. Em said just go a little fast, and Ben was chanting faster, faster!
 photo IMG_2435_zpsfe9bd535.jpg

 photo IMG_2440_zps3f19faae.jpg

Here they are flying over the wake.
 photo IMG_2455_zps0ee16500.jpg

 photo IMG_2456_zps29b6ae05.jpg

 photo IMG_2458_zps0362b52d.jpg

Whew...they made it that was fun!
 photo IMG_2460_zpsd48edd33.jpg

They had a great time. Em said she likes the raft better than the jet ski. Noah likes the jet ski. Ben is undecided.

Here's a video if you want to feel the thrill a little.


Linda said...

Okay, I am not a daredevil at all, so I would not be riding on any of the water craft.... but it looks like you're all having great fun and the scenery is oh so beautiful - mountains and lakes (and warmth) - my kind of place!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how you and David and not to mention Pete and Suzy are not dead asleep by the time evening rolls round. Your days look like they are jam packed with so much fun and activity. The kids must be having a blast . That last video was scary for me just watching it.But at the same time I could see the kids were having a blast. Grampie and I were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for a spill, but thankfully that didn't happen.
2 more days and then off to north of the border. Hope the fun continues, after all school will be back in session before you know it. :LOL!