Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vacation, Day 2

The first thing out of Noah's mouth this morning was jet ski. Oh brother. We ate breakfast and he went right out and sat on it.
 photo IMG_2195_zps24ec22d7.jpg

We try to tell the kids that you don't need to be going 60 mph this entire trip. We have 14 hours in the day, enough time to enjoy some of everything. Luckily, they are still young enough that they do enjoy other stuff. While breakfast settled, David took out the kayak.
 photo IMG_2196_zps6a18d7e2.jpg

Then, Noah took it out. He actually did really good.
 photo IMG_2199_zps529f6358.jpg

 photo IMG_2201_zps16a0a80a.jpg

Then, he yelled for David to help him. You can't tell from these pictures, but he was only about 20 feet from shore.
 photo IMG_2203_zpsd9805ebd.jpg

David saved him.
 photo IMG_2205_zpsbc95cb38.jpg

There was more throwing.
 photo IMG_2214_zpsb573638d.jpg

 photo IMG_2213_zps55034bf9.jpg

Then, David took the boys out.
 photo IMG_2217_zpscfd88059.jpg

Grandma Suzy took Emily out.
 photo IMG_2222_zpsf5eede08.jpg

And here I am on the paddle boat. That's more my style. Making the kids work while I relax. Except they wussed out quickly and I was left peddling us all home.
 photo IMG_2226_zpsb3d49a01.jpg

I took the kayak out alone first to make sure I wouldn't tip.
 photo IMG_2233_zpsc0385c61.jpg

It wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, so Noah got in with me. The canoe is HARD. This was much easier.
 photo IMG_2243_zps391733e7.jpg

The kids did about 1,000 flips and jumps on the trampoline. Then, we all came inside at noon for a little refreshment. David never naps, except for when we are here. He's out. My Dad is asleep on the other sofa, as is Grandma Suzy. Emily and Noah just went in the bedroom to lay down. Ben and I are the only two awake. Although, I feel a nap coming later for me.
 photo IMG_2245_zps9d882fcb.jpg

It was hot outside, but the water is cool. We went for a dip. Suzy picked this air mattress up at a yard sale for $1, and since there isn't any fabric on it, my Dad thought we could use it for a raft. I thought this was a true hill billy water bed! You know you are a redneck if you say...Man, I don't need those fancy water beds. I just put an air mattress on the river and call it my own water bed. It was super comfy. I could have laid on it all day.
 photo IMG_2247_zps923e10e0.jpg

We had rafts, kayaks, noodles and an air mattress. All the ingredients to stay cool on a hot day.
 photo IMG_2251_zpsc044b2b8.jpg

David launching Ben on the raft.
 photo IMG_2255_zpscfddf4f5.jpg

 photo IMG_2256_zpsf13b7e29.jpg

Then, David took another little nap. Seriously??? No seriously, good for him. He never rests.
 photo IMG_2266_zps98f8e4e6.jpg

The little girl next door came over to play with Emily.
 photo IMG_2268_zps2efbc285.jpg

Then, it was time for getting pulled on the raft.
 photo IMG_2271_zps8e0fa12d.jpg

Noah lasted about 30 seconds and was getting splashed in the face.
 photo IMG_2272_zpsdd9b5955.jpg

Then, Justine got a turn. They had a blast.
 photo IMG_2294_zpsf9772beb.jpg

That was enough for Noah. He preferred to watch from the dry safety of his Dad.
 photo IMG_2302_zps1e6c7a27.jpg

He's cute.
 photo IMG_2277_zps480dbc47.jpg

Doesn't my girls hair look redish here.
 photo IMG_2307_zps76568fa3.jpg

 photo IMG_2311_zps4ae9cecd.jpg

I tried to get a good photo of Ben, but he has the face with 1,000 expressions and most look like he's in pain. I went with the natural no smile look as it was the only decent one.
 photo IMG_2332_zpsac2a2c4e.jpg

It's almost 9:00 and the kids are still going strong jumping on the trampoline and running around. I'm ready to pass out. How does that happen?

30 minutes later....I got out of the shower and this is what I found on the sofa....
 photo IMG_2338_zps3d4dc7ca.jpg

That's how you know it's been a good day.


Piper AndTheKids said...

Looks like a really fun day :)

Anonymous said...

Knowing me you'd probably guess I have a comment for almost every picture but the little box is not big enough for that so I'll just say it looks like a fantastic vacation. Everyone is having fun and Noah is really being brave heading off in the kayak all by himself. The kids look happy, Dad looks like he's getting plenty of rest and Ben's head shot has an appropriate title ( even if it is spelled differently) It identifies him as having a stern look on his face. But we all know how sweet and gentle he is in reality. Emily is really starting to come into the freckles and looks so sweet with them. Tell her she is getting the Anne of green gables look.
Anyway, continue having a great time the next few days will fly by too quickly.

Linda said...

What a beautiful, fun place to vacation in (or to live!) : )

Loved all of your photos. Thanks for sharing.
Love, Linda