Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation, Day 14

It was our last day of fun for our vacation. Tomorrow is a travel day.

We headed to the beach we were at yesterday. Emily wanted to jump off the pier. She was a little scared still, but I knew she could do it and I didn't want her to regret not doing it. We warmed up on the beach. You know stretching out for the big jump.
 photo IMG_3404_zpsa0e227d5.jpg
 photo IMG_3406_zps46b152f3.jpg

Cousin Amy went first.
 photo IMG_3410_zpsf53b37bb.jpg

Then, Ben. I love that Emily was clapping for him. She was so nervous. The tide was high though, so it was a good 5-10 feet higher than yesterday when we jumped.
 photo IMG_3415_zps38318c67.jpg

Emily and Ben decided to go together. She was scared.
 photo IMG_3420_zpsf6bd6f69.jpg

She needed a little encouragement. And by encouragement, I mean a push from her Dad. I love that Ben's arm was going around "help" her too.
 photo IMG_3421_zpsb4336a4e.jpg
 photo IMG_3422_zps122c8f92.jpg
 photo IMG_3423_zps073717c9.jpg
 photo IMG_3424_zps66bef35f.jpg

When Emily came up, I thought she would either be crying or happy. She came up and said, "That was AWESOME!" And jumped about 10 more times.

Here's a video of one of her jumps.

Then, all three of them jumped together. This picture makes me laugh. Amy jumped off first and jumped farther, so it looks like she is the size of a lego man and it looks like Emily is pushing her.
 photo IMG_3430_zpsa8d8e165.jpg

 photo IMG_3431_zps3cf0cb99.jpg

Emily jumped by herself.
 photo IMG_3435_zps669f584d.jpg

Ben being Batman.
 photo IMG_3438_zpsdc544846.jpg

Emily liked jumping from the lower part which is about a foot lower. She finally jumped from the higher part.
 photo IMG_3444_zps19ebc516.jpg

Then, Noah kept wanting to swim from the little dock over to the ladder by the pier where we were jumping and climb up. Aunt Paula had a lifevest. And off he went. I couldn't believe he didn't even look back. He just swam out in the ocean all by himself.
 photo IMG_3449_zps069a0ecf.jpg

 photo IMG_3450_zps1e0eb3d4.jpg

Cousin Amy helped her get through the pier without getting cut on barnacles.
 photo IMG_3451_zpsee4a3211.jpg
And up the ladder he went.
 photo IMG_3454_zps1d804dbc.jpg

That's pretty brave for 4 years old!

Then, he was freezing. Ben was freezing before too and I put David's shirt on him followed by my cover up. Since Ben was dry at this point, we got Noah dressed. He looks like Yoda. Cold, I am.
 photo IMG_3457_zpsbcf10119.jpg

Then, Amy and Emily swam from the pier to the shore. Emily used the lifevest for a little help since it was such a long swim.
 photo IMG_3458_zpsbe8cd6ed.jpg

Then, David jumped off the pier and tried to catch them.
 photo IMG_3462_zpsfd9ac95c.jpg

 photo IMG_3464_zps0a7333ad.jpg

He won! Although, they didn't know they were even in a race.
 photo IMG_3465_zpsb341bd6f.jpg

Noah build a sand castle.
 photo IMG_3466_zpsc671f57a.jpg

The boys played on the logs. I love the beaches here. This long wasn't there yesterday, but anything can come in with the tide.
 photo IMG_3469_zpse1d578c1.jpg

Emily and Amy went back out and I thought Emily was going to jump from the super top. But, she didn't.
 photo IMG_3471_zpsb7d39c1d.jpg

Then, David and Noah joined them.
 photo IMG_3481_zps16ae65c3.jpg

A Momma and her ducks.
 photo IMG_3479_zpsb97700bd.jpg

Then, we went out for one last gelato. Yum! We stopped at a different beach just to check it out tonight. The beaches here are all so different. This one had crashing waves and smooth pebble rocks everywhere.
 photo IMG_3513_zps0dfea62f.jpg

And that wraps up our big vacation of 2014. We have a 14 hour travel day tomorrow. Leaving by 7:45 to catch an 8:30 ferry. Then, on to a three hour drive to Seattle as well as crossing the border, which can sometimes take hours. Then, we have a 5:00 flight and then land in Phoenix. Then, get our car and drive the 90 minutes home. We should be there around 10:00 at night. Whew, I'm tired already. It's been a great trip and who know, if we aren't at the border for long, we may have time for something fun in Seattle!


Linda said...

Wonderful!! All of it! Enjoyed the stories and photos from your trip. You're just the sweetest family.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well this has certainly been a great and very active vacation. It looks like you all had a wonderful time filled with lots of fun and certainly water. I'm sure it is one the kids won't forget for a very long time. Time at your Dad's and Suzy's was certainly filled with lots of activity, then your trip through the Rockies via Banff and on to BC. A time of wonder and beauty and finally time in Gibsons with the Kelleys. Lots and loads of love and fun.Now your final chapter a trip by car, boat and plane to reach your final destination of Home Sweet Home. Can hardly wait to hear about that. Tomorrow ... a day of relaxing and unpacking and laundry and getting back into the swing of being home. ENJOY!