Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vacation, Day 11

We slept in today. It felt great. I slept the latest and the kids were playing Legos when I came down.
 photo IMG_3174_zpscdc522f7.jpg

Then, Aunt Paula made pancakes and the kids helped. Well, not Ben, he could care less about that sort of thing.
 photo IMG_3176_zpsf75d1528.jpg

Look who was up in the garden eating raspberries! These are the neighbors bushes, but the come into their yard and the neighbor doesn't mind them eating whatever they want. They have more than they can eat. Well, there is enough for humans, the deer need to find their own food source.
 photo IMG_3191_zps9794073c.jpg

We had to toss a rock at it because he will eat the entire raspberry bushes if allowed. Noah was more than happy to chuck a rock. His aim was way off, but Aunt Paula got him on the rump and he ran off. Only to come back a few hours later.
 photo IMG_3189_zps82a6da7a.jpg

It was supposed to rain all day, but by noonish, it cleared. We went to feed the ducks.
 photo IMG_3194_zps49075882.jpg

The kids thought that it was fun. Until a few geese squawked at us. Then, Em and Ben went and hid behind me.
 photo IMG_3196_zps2da658f5.jpg

We gathered quite a crowd.
 photo IMG_3198_zps8d5ebcd4.jpg

The kids bench jumped down the pier.
 photo IMG_3203_zps0005c259.jpg

 photo IMG_3205_zps7d64127b.jpg

 photo IMG_3207_zpsf1dfbda6.jpg

Then, we got gelato! YUM!
 photo IMG_3212_zps54c1ea6a.jpg

This is what it looks like, but they have 3 cases full of different flavors.
 photo IMG_3213_zps76df60ac.jpg

We found a playground.
 photo IMG_3217_zpse4e76bd0.jpg

And there was a giant xylophone to play.
 photo IMG_3218_zps20983118.jpg

Aunt Paula and Uncle Terry made us a delicious Thanksgiving dinner feast! So, while they were finishing up with all of that, we took off for the beach. Emily was looking for beach glass and cousin Amy is a pro finding it. We collected quite a bit tonight, so we'll have to make something out of it when we get home. I'm pinning ideas already.
 photo IMG_3220_zps665e02f7.jpg

Ben did what he does
 photo IMG_3221_zps33122da6.jpg

David went for a little walk.
 photo IMG_3222_zpsd76c51b2.jpg

Then, the girls played in the water.
 photo IMG_3227_zpsa9399b59.jpg

 photo IMG_3237_zpsc7bdf589.jpg

My boys...
 photo IMG_3229_zps6dc96efc.jpg

Ben found this stick...
 photo IMG_3234_zpsccf587d8.jpg

Noah found this one... (it's a little on the large side)
 photo IMG_3235_zpsa5c40398.jpg

Then, Noah wanted to take a few pictures. Most were blurry or of rocks or someones foot, but I liked this one of David looking for beach glass.
 photo IMG_3241_zpsfbd54a42.jpg

Then, we had a feast! I think we are headed to a different beach tomorrow, but we'll see. I love taking such long vacations. By this point, we are really in relax mode.


Linda said...

Yes, long vacations are the best for full-relaxation mode! The longest we ever take at one time is only one week though because we split our time up throughout the year. Quite honestly, during the summer months, it seems like I never have a full week of worth, because I'm always taking off for something fun. : )

Glad you made it there fine and looks to be another wonderful week.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

lol, should have been "full week of WORK", since I always feel quite worthy... ;)

Piper AndTheKids said...

I hope you post pics of whatever you decide to do with the sea glass :) I'd like to see the final project(s)!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all your activities and REMEMBER I REALLY WAS THERE WHEN THE DEER APPEARED. (at least i felt like I was there as I got to experience it on skype)I love the pic where Noah has his arms around his Big brother and sister!!!It's too bad you're having rainy weather but I am sure the people out that way are glad to get some rain for all those fires. However it still looks like you are getting out and about. I'm sure the turkey dinner was a feast. So nice of them to have that celebration with you all. Hope your last couple days are filled with living, laughter and lots of love.♥