Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation, Day 10

We woke up today early. We wanted to hit the road and get to the ferry. Aunt Paula warned us that Friday afternoons the ferry is super busy, so we were trying to beat the crowd. This is what my boys looked like this morning.
 photo IMG_3058_zpse5462acf.jpg

The drive today was GORGEOUS, as all the drives we've done here.
 photo IMG_3060_zpsc93aa61e.jpg

I had a stop at some waterfall planned, but we were making good time and the kids were quiet, so we pushed on. We made it to the ferry at 11:40 and luckily, there was still room for us! Yea! We made some sandwiches in the car, drove on the boat and headed to the top to soak up the view. I'm always so happy to get to this spot.
 photo IMG_3065_zpsbfb3be64.jpg

 photo IMG_3066_zps43b2fa89.jpg

 photo IMG_3068_zps15ccc9cc.jpg

 photo IMG_3076_zps8bd55617.jpg

 photo IMG_3084_zps071aca4f.jpg
I will live by the ocean one day. Mark my words. I told Emily, I could live on this little island, so she took a picture of it.
 photo IMG_3094_zps886d9c1b.jpg

Noah got angry because Ben was taking pictures and thought he was Spiderman and Noah wants to be Spiderman. He wasn't happy.
 photo IMG_3072_zpsbee29d0c.jpg

Emily took this of us.
 photo IMG_3080_zpsc6b7a043.jpg

I made Noah throw his frowny face in the ocean and replace it with his smile.
 photo IMG_3082_zps15b029fe.jpg

The kids think it's fun to take pictures with my camera, so here's another attempt.
 photo IMG_3104_zpsb48ba458.jpg

We surprised Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula by being early. Emily and Noah helped Aunt Paula make banana bread.
 photo IMG_3106_zpsd79ffe52.jpg
 photo IMG_3109_zps37f9ac4d.jpg

Noah actually ate broccoli!
 photo IMG_3110_zpsd556860f.jpg

We headed to the beach by their house. Noah thought this shell was really cool.
 photo IMG_3112_zps2ffcad27.jpg

I told him to turn it over as it was a crab. And when he did and saw it, he freaked out!
 photo IMG_3113_zps1d38cdb9.jpg

The kids enjoyed the water and the beach.
 photo IMG_3114_zps8079f285.jpg

 photo IMG_3117_zpsac5d3989.jpg

 photo IMG_3119_zps2202e64c.jpg

 photo IMG_3121_zps510a3cc6.jpg

 photo IMG_3133_zps625ab2d5.jpg

 photo IMG_3138_zpsacb6c6c1.jpg

 photo IMG_3127_zpse1b87784.jpg

 photo IMG_3147_zps823289f1.jpg

Cartwheels on the beach...
 photo IMG_3128_zps4ae6d2d3.jpg

Uncle Terry and David.
 photo IMG_3123_zps83d52032.jpg

Ben found a crab skeleton.
 photo IMG_3142_zpsbaf8ad72.jpg

Noah liked it too.
 photo IMG_3144_zpsf4a99dd3.jpg

Uncle Terry and Noah did surgery on him.
 photo IMG_3148_zps50824f98.jpg

Then, we went crab hunting.
 photo IMG_3157_zps451da602.jpg

 photo IMG_3155_zps5ed8e84a.jpg

 photo IMG_3164_zpsb5e5e887.jpg

Noah liked the crab. Until he touched it and it moved. Then, he freaked out.
 photo IMG_3165_zpsf0956243.jpg

Writing in the sand....
 photo IMG_3170_zpsb66a7012.jpg

The flowers here are just gorgeous. Look at these hydrangeas I think.
 photo IMG_3171_zpsc47bdf8f.jpg

Actually, I think I took a similar picture last year. There is ivy growing on the tree trunks, it's just beautiful. Well, I could do without the bear scat in the road next door. Yikes! We ate blackberries off the bushes growing wild on the walk to the beach. I love it!

Tomorrow, is supposed to be rainy which is fine. We need a nice down day, but I imagine we'll find plenty to do!


Anonymous said...

I've just been laying here waiting to see if I could make it to the synopsis of day 10 when lo and behold there it was. Everyone looks great and so happy you arrived safe and sound. All the kids look like they grew so much in the past year, in fact in the past 10 days. Wishing I were there with youall. Have fun for me too. :)

Linda said...

Looks great! I found it neat that Emily and Paula were making Banana Bread and that's exactly what my Dad brought over for us this evening - he brought it over using his walker, he uses that more and more now. I think he's amazing for 88 to still do all of his extensive yard work AND find time for baking :)

Say hello to everyone. I think the kids are doing great with the photos - loved the one of you and David.

Off to bed now here... Midnight and Jim is waiting up for Sarah who works in Champaign until 1:00 a.m. with a 25 minute drive home....

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Saw the additional picture. Yep it was a good one for sure. Sorry I wasn't able to get my camera to work but did enjoy the exchange with Emily and seeing the deer. I could hear all the back ground chatter as well , so that was fun... made me feel like I was there. :)

Piper AndTheKids said...

My oldest wouldn't have let you skip that waterfall :p He LOVES them--it is not unusual to hear his voice from the backseat, "STOP! I saw a waterfall! We have to go back and look at it!" He's like a waterfall collector LOL

What a great vacation y'all are having :)