Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vacation, Day 1

Today was the first day of our 15 day vacation. We left Prescott bright and early this morning to get to Phoenix. We got through security and sat down at the gate. The kids were most excited to get wifi again. It's been out at our house for 6 days. The "new" modem came last night and it didn't work. Nice. Thanks, Century Link. So, they are sending another one. In any case, Emily was so excited to get back on youtube to upload some new videos she made. She really, really missed youtube. Yesterday, she was snippy with her brother. When I asked her what was wrong she said, she was really stressed out and doesn't have youtube. Yikes, it's like a drug. But, honestly, we were all missing the internet after 6 days. There is only so many games of hide n seek and simon says a 9 year old can play with her brothers.

I digress....

Our plane had a mechanical issue, and was delayed 2 hours. Emily didn't mind. Actually, they ended up getting another plane and we all boarded. We got to Spokane without incident, went to Costco for pizza and then on to my Dad's and Suzy. feels like home. The kids made a bee line for the trampoline. We were supposed to get here at 3, but it was past 6 when we got here. But, I think we got an entire day of activities in the 2 1/2 hours we were outside. Luckily, it stays light here until about 9:00.

Oh, first up was waiting for the luggage. My Dad was giving the kids rides on the luggage cart. Ben asked if that was legal. Um, actually Ben, no not really, but it's FUN!
 photo IMG_2061_zps8d8640c3.jpg

It's going to be warm here this week. High's in the 90's and after the trampoline, the kids were hot. I told them to get on their suits and get in the lake. So, they happily did. I think we will be living in swimsuits over the next 5 days.
 photo IMG_2065_zps527e0504.jpg

Even David went swimming.
 photo IMG_2071_zps29f76607.jpg

And this throwing happens no matter what body of water these boys are in.
 photo IMG_2075_zpsb708cffe.jpg

There was jumping off the dock.
 photo IMG_2101_zps65697093.jpg

 photo IMG_2105_zps70940b36.jpg

Emily just kind of hopped off at first.
 photo IMG_2110_zpsa955cc6d.jpg

Then, she got the hang of it.
 photo IMG_2112_zps6c76f711.jpg

Time for jet skis.
 photo IMG_2115_zpsc2748bb1.jpg

 photo IMG_2121_zps5006ff1e.jpg

 photo IMG_2128_zpsb59b924c.jpg

Noah likes to go slow.
 photo IMG_2131_zpsefeaae46.jpg

I wasn't sure if 3 was a good idea.
 photo IMG_2136_zpsaa5c3df2.jpg

I thought for sure Ben would fall off.
 photo IMG_2139_zpsff812c3e.jpg

He realized quickly to hold on for dear life.
 photo IMG_2140_zpse540273a.jpg

Noah's style was sitting on the end of the dock with David and I putting our feet in the water. A boy after my own heart.
 photo IMG_2146_zpse3440be7.jpg

Then, there was more trampoline jumping. This time with the sprinklers on. I couldn't decide which one of these of Emily to post, so I put them all up.
 photo IMG_2150_zps5515ad7f.jpg

 photo IMG_2157_zpsc2a51e8d.jpg

 photo IMG_2156_zps8b426dd2.jpg

Then, Emily took out the kayak.
 photo IMG_2163_zps1b93da9e.jpg

My Dad and the boys joined her.
 photo IMG_2167_zps09c00c6b.jpg

 photo IMG_2169_zps668686d9.jpg

 photo IMG_2172_zps2f0d8af6.jpg

 photo IMG_2174_zps585eebff.jpg

 photo IMG_2176_zps93b44964.jpg

Suzy put this cute table and chairs on the dock. Adorbs.
 photo IMG_2179_zps227ae952.jpg

They laid in the hammock and then, Noah fell out.
 photo IMG_2184_zpsf5f507b6.jpg

Since we had pizza at Costco so late, we just had salads for dinner on the patio at sunset.
 photo IMG_2187_zpsdb13e0c2.jpg

Then, it was time to dress up like a ninja turtle.
 photo IMG_2190_zpscd06083b.jpg

And on that note, we are done for the day.
 photo IMG_2191_zps8780ea58.jpg

I think we crammed 10 hours worth of stuff in under 3! Now, time to rest.


Linda said...

Super great photos!! Thanks for sharing, looks like fun :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys certainly packed a lot into Wednesday July 9th... and the 3 hours after your arrival was certainly action packed. The kids look like they were having a ball.Not too much Noah activity but I see he was planning his own little bit of action. I really hope you guys have a great vacation and certainly the way you've started off looks like a little bit of heaven on earth. Say Hi to Pete and Suzy for us. Tell them we are jealous. Enrique said "I should have gone with them."( not that he was ever invited of course):)
Have fun and as always be safe.