Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camping Trip #3

Three camping trips in 6 weeks is almost too much for this city girl. But, they are fun and the kids have a blast. We won't have another camping trip for 11 months and I'm okay with that. But, I love these camping trips. I love that we all unplug and spend time together for a few days. I love the trees, the fresh air and the stars at night. It's a great way to spend a weekend.

Almost all of our friends have RV's, but we are fine in our tent. It takes us an hour to get everything set up and an hour to get everything taken down. Our tent cost $150 and should last several seasons. That's about as much as we want to spend on these trips. Plus, we love the time at the end of the night when it's all 5 of us in the tent together snuggling under sleeping bags and blankets. We talk about our days, our favorite things and end with a prayer for God to watch over us and for bears to stay away. Hey, every little bit helps!

We got to Payson and got the tent all set up.
 photo IMG_1932_zps041498bb.jpg

Then, it was time to relax.
 photo IMG_1931_zpsd5333f3d.jpg

Gwynne, this is the chair your birthday money bought. David is too long for all of these type of chairs, but he likes them. We put a pool noodle where his ankles hit the bar.
 photo IMG_1940_zpsa2e53784.jpg

Our friends brought their dogs and Noah really likes them. Although, this pen is a nice idea if Noah misbehaves too!
 photo IMG_1933_zpsc75e64a5.jpg

 photo IMG_1938_zps09011615.jpg

Noah was really good with the dogs and "helped" take them on a walk.
 photo IMG_1941_zps5734ef08.jpg

We took a little day trip to a local fish hatchery. This is where they grow all the fish that they use to stock local lakes.
 photo IMG_1943_zps58aa19c3.jpg

This was some kind of trout. I was totally grossed out. I hate fish. Well, unless I'm scuba diving and they are pretty.
 photo IMG_1947_zps4eb3a69d.jpg

Each bin held different size trout. This one had smaller ones in it and the guy said there was 24,000 trout in there.
 photo IMG_1958_zpseaf9db11.jpg

Here are some of the girls.
 photo IMG_1962_zps36f4ccfc.jpg

We found a watering hole along the creek and the kids went fishing. Guess what we found? More crawdads! We can't escape these things. Mark is holding one up for the kids to see.
 photo IMG_1966_zps40a7a339.jpg

It was a little chilly, but it was hot out so the kids didn't mind.
 photo IMG_1968_zps0f94c43a.jpg

They made their way up the creek.
 photo IMG_1970_zpsd8c6804b.jpg

Here are all the kiddos.
 photo IMG_1975_zps8c9a8179.jpg

More swimming.
 photo IMG_1982_zpsd116beaa.jpg

 photo IMG_1997_zps557d89b8.jpg

Then, it was time for an afternoon nap. Don't they look cute?
 photo IMG_1988_zps8c2b6c36.jpg

Noah sleeps so well on his Dad like that. Literally, he'll be out in seconds.
 photo IMG_1989_zps55aeb48d.jpg

The kids had a secret spy group going on.
 photo IMG_1990_zps2b7a39f4.jpg

The next day we tried to find a different watering hole. But, we haven't had any real rain here in 6 months. We drove around and around and found dry creek after dry creek. We ended up at the same spot we were the day before. The kids didn't mind. The girls were making up a Frozen dance.
 photo IMG_2000_zps4cd8b047.jpg

The highlight for Ben was driving to the bathrooms.
 photo IMG_2005_zps178d54de.jpg

Noah had to get in on the driving action too.
 photo IMG_2010_zps9fecc62d.jpg

The boys dressed up. Ben's costume has turned into capri pants, but he doesn't mind.
 photo IMG_2008_zpscc5b229c.jpg

It was another great camping trip with family and friends.

Now, we leave for the lake in Idaho, sightseeing in Banff and to the beach in Vancouver in 7 days!


Linda said...

Great photos and great adventures :)
No, I still have never camped in my life, but guess what... Jim and I are visiting a campground on Saturday afternoon/evening. Our friends are camping and they invited us up to watch fireworks along the Kankakee River, which is probably almost overflowing because we've had so much rain these past couple of months. But I made it clear to Jim - we're not camping, lol.

Enjoy the rest of your summer travels.
Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

The pool noodle cracked me up! But very clever way of making the chair comfortable for him!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend! But I do have to say - I seem to remember someone running as fast as she could out of the ocean with her flippers on as soon as she saw the very little fish in the waves! Ah, good times!
Love, you know who

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had lots of R&R at least Noah and his Dad. Glad David got a new chair even if he is too long for it. The addition was genius.I do have to say the little bit of water the kids could find doesn't look very appetizing, but I guess cool and wet is better than nothing. I guess your next adventure will be a little more luxurious. I hope you all have fun heading northward and beyond. ☼