Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Surfing, Slides and Two for Two

I've been having numerous complaints about photos not loading since I started using Flickr as my picture upload site. I ran out of room on photobucket, so I switched. Well, I'm back at photobucket now (under a new identity). :) It may take a few posts, so that flickr pictures aren't coming up at all on the main page and then hopefully, it won't crash your ipads and iphones anymore! I don't want to upset my loyal fans. All four of you! HA!

We've been going to church. It's the right time for us. The last time we tried church, I was in the lobby with Ben after 10 minutes. I wasn't getting anything out of it. Then, Noah came along. First he was sick for almost his entire first year of life, so I certainly wasn't going to put him in a childcare setting. Then, he wouldn't leave mine or David's side. He's grown a lot this year in preschool, and he's finally ready. We are finally ready.

We are going on Saturday nights typically because it's just easier for us. This is a really fun church and they had a beach blast last weekend. Lots of huge inflatable slides and stuff. Emily and Ben had fun. Noah tried climbing the ladder, found it too difficult and opted only for the bounce house. To each his own. You can see Noah trying to get up the ladder in this pic of Ben.
 photo IMG_8655_zpsb94bd0f8.jpg
 photo IMG_8656_zps9a4c6ac0.jpg
 photo IMG_8662_zps901385d6.jpg

And they had this really cool surf simulation ride. The kids had a blast and did it about 10 times. We watched a few kids who wiped out and landed hard on the surf board, so we told the kids to really jump if they felt they were losing their balance. Luckily, they did fine. Emily may have a career as a surfer.

Emily lost a tooth on Sunday. Then, she lost another tooth on Monday. Geez, the tooth fairy is going broke!
 photo IMG_8679_zps399feaf2.jpg

The summer is going well. The kids are behaving and fighting is at a minimum. We are keeping up with our worksheets, reading and journals. I don't do it everyday, but probably four times a week. Right now, Emily is at piano camp and that's about all she can handle a day. The kids definitely enjoy being lazy sometimes. Well, who doesn't?

(Wow, just previewed this and those are some large pictures. If I can figure out how to make them a little smaller, I will. If not, well, you get the up close and personal view!)


Linda said...

Your photos and videos have always worked/uploaded fine for me. I just look at them from my office computer, they're always right there on the screen and it doesn't matter on the size. :) Glad to read your update.

I'm also really glad you're attending church. I miss it sometimes. I attended most all of my life, but Sarah, Jim and I became discontent with our local church and just have never taken the time to find another. Maybe someday. I sometimes miss the fellowship, though I feel that my faith is still strong as it's always been. I am definitely glad that Sarah was brought up in church and that she developed a strong center of faith in her life - it's helped her through so much, so that will be good for your children too in the long run. : )

It's a rainy, very cool day here.... feels like fall today, but looks like normal hot summer temps will return later in the week.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow sure looks like some fun in the household these days , Two teeth in two days Emily is going for broke I guess. The church day of fun sounds and looks like good fun too. I'm sure the kids will benefit from the church in the long run and although I realize it has been difficult to be there all the time but it should be easier from now on. Rachel is here this week but I think next week or the week after they are having a week of church camp activities too. Should be fun. Anyway before we know it you guys will be off to the northwest and enjoying a few days in Canada.
Like Linda, I for the most part didn't have problems with the pictures aside from them taking a minute or so to open.But the new ones are great too. Just so long as we can see our little dolls from Arizona in action that's all that counts.
Enjoy the rest of this week and weekend. HB to Dad.

Anonymous said...

I love Em's freckles! Thanks for fixing the pics! See you soon! Xo
Love - me

Piper AndTheKids said...

And here I thought is way my equipment :p I have been scrolling really quickly trying to read the text before the pictures lad and crash lol