Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer, So Far, So Good

We are 2 weeks into summer, and it's going well so far. We are settling into a groove, and I've only wanted to cry a handful of times. See, my kids used to never fight. Nobody fights with Ben. He's just too easy going and too himself to bother anybody. But, Noah has come into his own this past year and him and Emily have this little squabbles. She likes to pick on him and he likes to scream about it. Then, I yell and cry and it's oh so much fun.

We've taken things away and that works a little. Now, I've threatened them with bodily harm and that seems to work way better than taking away the tablet for a day.

We spent an afternoon at our little children's museum. We had never been, and my kids had a blast.

Here's Ben building a robot out of recycled materials. He named him Alfred after the butler in the Batman.

Noah loved this table. It moved this around with air and he thought that was awesome.

Emily LOVED this snap circuit set. We left and she said she'd rather have that than a Nintedo DS for her birthday. I had never really seen a snap circuit set, but you assemble things according to different designs and different things will happen, like a light bulb will light up or the fan will run or you will get a door chime to play. It's pretty cool.

Our new gym opened. It's 24 hours now and has great equipment. Dakri and I went early one morning. And by early, I mean I had to set my alarm and she was here to get me at 6:55. Not my cup of tea. Then, this happened....

I'm on the elliptical machine and there are these tiny peek a boo windows up top and I had to deal with this for 15 minutes. Not fun! I decided that was my sign that I shouldn't go back that early. :)

Ben went to a birthday party and they had a zipline. How fun is that????

And we've been at the pool every day. I told Noah that this summer he will become a swimmer. All of our kids officially lose the floaties the summer before Kindergarten. He's old enough and doesn't need them. Last week, he was crying. Literally, crying so hard he was shaking because he feared he would drown. This week, he seems to have gotten over that fear and is swimming around.

He spent 30 minutes swimming around to people and going from the stairs to the side of the pool yesterday. This means, I can't gab with my friends and play on my phone while my kids swim. I actually have to watch him. He can stand in the shallow end, so I think he feels comfort knowing he can just stand up if he gets in trouble. He's doing great and we are so proud of him.

Our new big pool opened today. Finally. It was supposed to open a month ago. We haven't been yet, but are super excited to go. It'll be a nice change of pace and just what we need this summer.


Linda said...

Looks like your summer is off to a great start (minus the fighting) :) Oh, my sisters and I..... well, most of us got along but Ann and I about killed each other a number of times. Now look at us today... best of friends. ;)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well seems to be going pretty well aside from the reprimand sessions. It's so funny that Emily is the best at helping out but ALSO the one to cause you the most grief.Oh well it's all part of growing up in a family with siblings. They all seemed to enjoy the Children's museum that is for sure.That zip line looked like lots of fun , at least for Ben. as for Noah that is great that he is starting to feel comfortable in the water. now he has to work on using his arms and getting his head up. But he is doing great so far and probably by the end of the summer he will be a little fish swimming all over, head up and down and in and out.. no more hot tub for him. :)
Looking forward to seeing pics from the new pool.
Continue with the fun!