Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Camp Tontozona

This was our first experience with pampered camping. Well, it's hardly camping at all when you bring your iphone charger and a blow dryer. But, we were in a bare bones cabin, had to bring our own towels and we spent 95% of the day outside. It was camping minus the tent, but plus a flushing toilet and shower! Whatever you call it, it was FUN!

This camping trip was with a big group of our friends from Phoenix. Most we knew, but there were a few new families that we've never met. We got there and it was warm. Camp Tontozona is where the ASU football teams practices off season. They rent it out the rest of the time. It's used for all sorts of camps and what not for kids. They turned on the sprinklers on the big practice football field. The kids got to cool down.
 photo IMG_1782_zpsabb4508a.jpg
 photo IMG_1781_zpsa66e5a20.jpg
 photo IMG_1787_zps4d377df3.jpg

Then, Noah tried to come up the little hill to David and he kept slipping on the mud. He was so mad. His hands were covered and he was about to cry. But, he went over and rinsed off and he was fine.
 photo IMG_1778_zpsfd03d483.jpg

Me and my bestie.
 photo campt_zps23b729c8.jpg

These were kids we just met that ere part of our group. The kids all played so well together.
 photo IMG_1790_zps4a4fb045.jpg
 photo IMG_1797_zps061d432d.jpg

Aunt Pam and Em chillin' on a swing.
 photo IMG_1806_zps3e0173fb.jpg
 photo IMG_1812_zpsd3892e8e.jpg

This little girl named Maggie and Noah became fast friends. She said she wanted to marry him.
 photo IMG_1817_zpsd4b8f237.jpg

At night, the kids realized that the little well was full of crawdads or crydaddies as Noah called them.
 photo IMG_1822_zps9fcb272d.jpg

They were obsessed with these things.
 photo IMG_1819_zps957d4cdd.jpg

And they caught a few.
 photo IMG_1833_zpsd03536d0.jpg

We went back to our cabin that night. This is what it looked like.
 photo IMG_1835_zpsbb03c2b9.jpg

And the toilet overflowed. Actually it was a block in the main line and in a row of 4 cabins, 3 had clogged toilets. We had to switch cabins at 10:00 at night. I wasn't happy, but the kids thought it was an adventure. Yeah, whatever.

In the morning, we headed to the lodge which 3 families were sharing. We opted to rent our own cabin to have a little space. We did all the cooking at the lodge though and everyone brought something. These two guys are nicknamed Top Chef and cooked almost every meal for us.
 photo IMG_1836_zpsa59a6172.jpg

This is a pic of the lodge. Emily's trying to find the crawdads.
 photo IMG_1839_zpsc6c8fff1.jpg

We hiked down to the watering hole.
 photo IMG_1842_zps6fbc553d.jpg

Nice photo bomb Colby!
 photo IMG_1846_zps27a04e1c.jpg

 photo IMG_1848_zps60fac62c.jpg

 photo IMG_1850_zps465af48c.jpg

 photo IMG_1874_zpsad104a78.jpg

 photo IMG_1855_zpsd3b762df.jpg

 photo IMG_1859_zpse7c5b7c9.jpg

The kids swam across.
 photo IMG_1883_zpsfef89814.jpg

Afterwards, it was time to relax in the hammock.
 photo IMG_1888_zpsd1646676.jpg
 photo IMG_1892_zps1928564f.jpg

We played baseball, frisbee, soccer. You name it. Here's Ben smacking the ball.
 photo IMG_1900_zpsd97f577d.jpg

Then, it was time to eat the crawdads. I was not about to partake in that, but David tried it. They tried to say it tasted like lobster. Yeah, I don't think so.
 photo IMG_1908_zpsc10f6a29.jpg

And I kiss that mouth...
 photo IMG_1909_zps6e336453.jpg
 photo IMG_1917_zpseb4575e0.jpg

Noah was not about to try it.
 photo IMG_1919_zps3eaf8740.jpg

Not even when Maggie tried to persuade him.
 photo IMG_1920_zps814ed106.jpg

Emily really wanted to go back to the creak. But, the spot we were at in the morning was a good 30 minutes of up and down over rocks. So, we just played in the creak by our camp.
 photo IMG_1904_zps88b53362.jpg

The afternoons were spent having happy hour and appetizers and listening to our friends son play some guitar.
 photo IMG_1927_zps85afee8c.jpg

It was a great trip. We did get one big group photo, but I haven't got that from our friend yet. I think there was 30 of us in all. We had a great time. The only thing we would do differently next time is make it 3 nights instead of 2. We decided we will all go every year the weekend after Father's Day.

And you know the sign of a good trip is when one of the kids looks like this 20 minutes after you leave.
 photo campt2_zps768b9b0a.jpg

And now we leave for another camping trip in 24 hours. I can hardly keep up.


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like a great weekend. Grampie especially loved the pics of Noah and also the Top Chefs. He of course wanted to know what they cooked. Emily of course is beautiful and Spiderman seemed to be keeping a low profile on this trip. I know this weekend won't be quite so luxurious but hope you all have a good safe time.

Linda said...

Looks like you had fun!! Loved seeing your photos and reading about your adventures.

As you know, I don't camp... well, lol, my idea of camping is a super duper motor home or better yet, a luxurious mountain home. I know, that's not camping, but that's me. My friends try to get us to go every year, but we haven't yet. Maybe someday. I did wade in a creek this past week though and that was wonderful. :)

Love, Linda