Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Around Our House

Here's what has been going on in our house the past week, in addition to David's birthday and Father's Day. And I wonder why I have no time to post anything...

Emily went to piano camp for 3 days. On the last day, we get to join them for making piano cakes. Making and eating! :)
 photo IMG_1625_zpsf9d9b3d3.jpg
 photo IMG_1628_zps53bde78b.jpg

Here are all the piano girls...
 photo IMG_1633_zps9d6b54f8.jpg
 photo piano_zpsb5609ba6.jpg
We've gone to our new pool every day. Sometimes, twice a day. It's all about hanging out with friends and having fun.
 photo IMG_8684_zps2f4da80a.jpg
We've been going to the movies every week. Our theater does a nice deal of summer movies, 10 for $7. They are older and stuff we've already seen, but popcorn and a movie is never rejected by my kids.

We were watching a movie about an alien coming to Earth. He lands and he's at a 7-eleven. I chuckle.
Ben whispers to me: What is that?
Me: It's a convenience store.
Ben: What's a convenience store?
Me: It's were you go and get snacks and things.
Ben: Oh, cool.

He's 8 1/2. How does he not know what a convenience store is? I try to plan ahead. We bring water and snacks where ever we go, so we are not tempted to stop somewhere for overpriced snacks. Has he really never been inside a convenience store? His Papa used to own one for Pete's sake. I was there every day, but that was before Ben. Then, I remembered, he goes to one every year! We drive to California and we stop at the last spot for gas before you hit the California state line and gas jumps up $1 a gallon. So, we always stop at this Chevron to use the restroom and fill up on gas in Quartzsite, Arizona. But, we never buy anything. I guess it isn't too memorable.

Whew...my kids aren't that deprived. One convenience store a year!

Emily tried to teach Noah some yoga and gymnastics. My kids spend most of their days in pajamas unless we go somewhere, which isn't often. I filled up my gas tank after our Memorial Day camping trip on May 27th, and it's just getting to 1/4 of a tank over 3 weeks later. I like that!
 photo IMG_8686_zpsccd3987e.jpg

She's demonstrating.
 photo IMG_8687_zps3356c8ed.jpg

She's assisting. It was a fail, but God love him for trying!
 photo IMG_8688_zps50f51584.jpg
My best friend Pam and her sister, Katie, came up with Katie's new baby, Keegan.
 photo IMG_1768_zps7d8736d8.jpg
He is quite possibly the cutest baby ever.
 photo IMG_1770_zps7cd12f8e.jpg

Emily was smitten.
 photo IMG_8699_zpsf88e3ac4.jpg

Noah thought he was great.
 photo IMG_8711_zps338c1f92.jpg

Ben, well, Ben didn't want to hold him. I think he was too little.
 photo IMG_1773_zpsf09a77ef.jpg

This picture makes me laugh. I think this baby is loved by many!
 photo keegan_zps268e3a7f.jpg

Noah said he wants to be a Daddy one day. Emily said maybe she'll be a Mommy. Ben said I dunno.
We head camping again in 4 days. This time to a cabin. A very rough cabin as in bring your own towel. But, hey, it has a shower and flushing toilet! We are going with a great group of friends from Phoenix. Then, we go camping again the following weekend. This time in a tent, but the campsite has flushing toilets. I feel like these next 2 trips will be luxurious compared to what we are used to!

Then, in less than 3 weeks, we head on our 15 day adventure to Idaho, Banff and Vancouver! The summer is flying by.


Linda said...

I think your summers are perfect!! What summers should be about, tons of time for fun and relaxation....

Just ask Sarah... she basically stays up all night and sleeps most of the day. That's her summer, unless she has to get up for something but with working only part-time and hardly part-time at that, that's not so often. Oh well.... to be young and free. ;)

Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

My kids think its a big treat to go into a convenience store. If they get a budget and can pick something out? Over the moon! It's the little things :p

Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you and sharing Keegan with you and your family. It was so much fun! Love to all! Xoxo
Auntie Pam

Anonymous said...

Well it does seem like you all have been very busy and at the same time relaxing if the kids get to wear their PJ's all day. I love Pam's little nephew and yes he is a cutie. Very nice looking baby, I like in the pic where everyone is gathered over him he seems to have his eyes on Ben. I guess it was the mask. :)
That was so nice of Stacey to have the piano camp for the girls, they must have had a ball being with their friends each day and at the same time having some music time each day.
The pool continues as a good way to spend one's day. The next month or so sounds pretty much packed with friends, family and travels to the north west. I hope the two camping expeditions go well and you all have a good time before heading off to Idaho and then on to Canada. Before you know it the summer will be all gone :(