Monday, June 16, 2014

A Birthday and Father's Day

Father's Day was super early this year. I usually have about 10 days in between David's Birthday and Father's Day. This year, it was all within 4 days. And then he joked, that I got it over with quick and don't have to make him feel special for anther year!

First up was his 43rd birthday. The kids gave him a card, and we got him a few gifts. Shoes. Actually, that's it. He got 2 pairs of shoes. Then, Noah cried that he wanted to give him something. So, I grabbed the lantern we had just bought at Walmart and put it in a bag. Noah was happy. David acted happy. That's what Dad's do, right?
 photo IMG_8689_zpsbfa0224f.jpg
 photo IMG_8691_zps92e7cc72.jpg

We went to the pool. Then, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. David HATES to be called out and sung at a restaurant on his birthday. But, Emily really wanted them to. Meaning, Emily really wanted the free dessert. So, I slipped the waiter a note. David wouldn't get on the saddle when they came over, but Emily and Noah gladly did.
 photo IMG_8694_zps2f2672c3.jpg

We made him a cake.
 photo IMG_1637_zps29ce05db.jpg

And sang happy birthday...
 photo IMG_1753_zpsb56c081b.jpg

 photo IMG_1759_zpsbc5e3b1e.jpg

Then, came Father's Day. We always go to the pool on Father's Day. And we always get this same photo.
 photo IMG_8718_zps38a3c463.jpg

One year, I'll have to put them together in a collage.

Then, I made David his absolute favorite meal. Lasanga. I only make it once a year.

And, we hung out at home and didn't do a whole lot. Exactly what we like!

Now, I'm off the hook for a year.


Linda said...

Everything looks great and fun! :) Family times are the best!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Even though you think you are off the hook for a year, I'm sure you're not. LOL! I love the way Noah is applying the sprinkles one at a time on the cake. I see the candles must have taken some effort to blow out as they are all melted down... :)
probably one blow for each of the 43 years.
Anyway as Linda mentioned Great family times and I'm happy that David has such a loving family to spend them with. Thanks for sharing with us as always we look forward to seeing the gang even if only on the blog!