Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who Wants To Get Stupid?

We kicked off our 73 days of summer vacation with a wonderful three day long camping trip. I have a mountain of photos to sort through and a long post about all of that to come. Today feels like our first day of summer vacation since we are home. I let the kids do whatever they wanted this morning until 10:00. Then, I told them summer is fun, but it makes you stupid. Who wants to get stupid? Luckily, nobody raised their hand.

I'm asking them for 1 to 2 hours a day of their time for school work and chores. That's not too much to ask I don't think. They were all very receptive to it. Emily even wanted to grade everyone's paper when they were done. There are so many online worksheets to print for free. It's awesome. Ben and Emily did a math assignment and wrote in their composition books about our camping trip. Noah did some work on the letter A and the number 1. It's better than having them sit on the DS or tablet watching youtube videos all day long.

I usually do this every summer and then after a few weeks, I get lazy and my kids get stupid. I'm vowing to not let that happen this summer.


Linda said...

Wow!! You're amazing!!
I never did that, lol.
Guess I was all about being stupid each summer - hahaha! :) The only thing close to that was that Sarah and I always did the library reading program, though when their prizes got lame, I started my own prize incentive. It never took much though because reading is her favorite thing.

Now, our summer vacations are entirely different. I guess technically, she's been off for a week now though today is the first day that Jim and I are at work and she's there by herself. She will work a little, meet about college things a little, and undoubtedly have a whole lot of fun.

Looking forward to your coming posts. :) Happy Summer!

Love, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow! good for you. I like Linda's reading idea also I think the big one we always worked on was writing during the summer and for David it was working on his handwriting and math skills as well as his daily journal. I think you are an excellent example for them about journaling. Maybe you could promise them that they could each write one blog during the summer and that might give them an additional incentive. Adding in the chores is a good idea as well. I like that Em volunteered as the person to mark their work. Takes that extra off your shoulders. Anyway good luck and looking forward to your next blog.

Piper AndTheKids said...

This is the first summer I have to worry about this stuff--Sterling's school has always had a summer program and he automatically got scholarships to go every summer because he gets sped services. But there isn't a program this summer. He is so disappointed!

I've been picking up books that interest him so he'll be motivated to keep reading every day plus I made reading one of his chores to earn tokens :p And the school subscribes to an online math site for all the students that he likes so if I can keep up the habit of having him do it daily, we should be ok :p