Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Music Concerts

The final two weeks of school always seem crazy. There is officially 9 days left. Last week, we had back to back nights of music concerts. Ben's is on the K, 1 and 2 night. Em's is the 3, 4, 5 and 6 grade night. They have an awesome music teacher. He doesn't just teach them from the typical children's song book. He teaches them classics and I love it. The theme for this concert was folk music. Ben's night had a tribute to Woodie Guthrie. I didn't know who he was. David knew exactly who he was; one of the pioneers of folk music from the 30's.

Ben's first song he was completely covered up by the boy in front of him. This always happens.

Ben found his window after the first song, but then barely moved his lips.

After, I told him it was optional and we didn't HAVE to go. Then, I decided it isn't optional. We need to support our school and our great music teacher. He wanted to go, so it wasn't pulling teeth. Yet.

Emily's night traveled on in time to other folk artist like Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. I loved her songs.

When we got there, Emily was bummed when she saw the program. She said she wanted to sing Wild World, but it wasn't on there. Apparently, they had been working on it and the teacher wasn't sure if they were ready. Last minute, he decided to go for it. I'm so glad he did. It's Emily's favorite song that they sung.

The sixth grade ended the night with Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Mr. Johnson is a FANTASTIC music teacher.

I got some pics of the kids before we left. Ben is crazy. I took maybe 25 photos of him and one came out.

He thought it was hysterical. I did not.

I took 5 photos of Emily. Each flawless.

It's a boy/girl thing, right?


Anonymous said...

The end of another year rolls by and Emily and Ben get even more beautiful and more handsome.Maybe it took 25 shots of Ben to get a good one but the one or two that you posted were great.Glad they get to enjoy and participate in a musical event a couple times a year and that I get to enjoy it either live or by this method. Thank you for sharing..and BTW they(Emily and Ben )are both beautiful in so many ways. We are truly blessed to have them as part of our family.
G and G.

Linda said...

I LOVE when music teachers use modern music - those are some of my favorites!!!

Great job by the teacher, the kids, the parents and wonderful photos/videos as always.

All of those days are done for me now. I write that (and say that) and I can barely believe it. I'm happy and relieved, but yet very, very sad. :(

4 1/2 days left of school here (for seniors). The rest of the kids go a while longer due to snow days. I'm so emotional right now that I start crying so easily...

Love, Linda