Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Noah's Preschool Graduation

Well he made it! The night was such much fun. I love watching all these little kids get dressed up and look so cute!

This was my favorite picture of him which was in his memory book.

But tonight, I tried to capture that same photo, but didn't quite get it. He makes me laugh.

Emily took this of the three of us. I need to teach her to zoom and center.

This one is a little better.

Here he is after they walked in.

You can tell he's a little freaked out.

Then, they sang. Grand Old Flag was Noah's favorite.

He got his diploma.

Then, he had to stand and wait for the other 30ish kids names to be called.

This little girl got bored and started flirting with Noah.

I'm not sure if he was impressed.

Well, maybe he is impressed, or at least surprised by something.

Oh yes, someone has a crush.

I don't think Noah feels the same.

I shed a few tears, but held up okay. Noah has one more day, a fun splash day and Emily and Ben have 2 days left. Then, we are off to go camping! What a great way to start the summer.


Anonymous said...

Well, Noah is no doubt that cutest! Excellent singing, too! I like his fish in the swing on a star song. Congrats to Noah and way to hang in there, my friend! Kisses to all!
Auntie Pam

Linda said...

Awww, all so cute and those last 2 photos crack me up. :D

Hope you all have a beautiful summer!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh what a beautiful tribute both to Noah's teacher and the wonderful event. I loved the videos so much. Noah has done such a good job and grown so much this year. The little girl next to him seemed to be such a sweetheart and it would be nice if they would remain friends. Such cute pictures and all in all I had tears in my eyes too. Money well spent for this year I think. It is amazing that for the 1st time I found Noah resembling Ben. So sweet. Both grampie and I loved all the pics and hope there will be many more to come from your upcoming summer adventures.

Piper AndTheKids said...

I love it! Graduation ceremonies for Littles aren't done around here but man, they sure are cute :D