Monday, May 19, 2014

Let The Waterworks Begin

I thought I would be strong and I'd be happy on this day. Noah graduates preschool tonight.

I'm already crying.

No, seriously, I'm not kidding.

They sent home his memory book today. I love these memory books. They are filled with pictures and works of art the kids made throughout the year. Noah has really grown this year. For the first few months, he didn't want to leave David and I when we dropped him off. There were tears and uncertainty. As you can tell from this photo taken during the first few days of school. That's Noah on the right with his head down. He always had his head down.

Preschool was by far the best thing for him. He really flourished. As I flipped the pages of the book, I am so glad that he had this experience. His teacher is a Saint. No seriously, she should be. There is a special tier in Heaven for people like her. I won't be anywhere near that tier. She's a special lady and she taught all three of my kids. She helped mold them and shape them and taught them to love school. For her, I will always be grateful.

Here's the last photo in the book:

Do you need a tissue?

I think I'm bring a 260 count box tonight.

I'm way more emotional than I thought I would be. I don't know if it's the fact that I bought Emily her first bra this week, that we only have 3 days left of school and I'll have a fifth and third grader, or that Noah is graduating or all of it together. My kids are growing up, and there is nothing I can do about it.


Piper AndTheKids said...

We still have a month to go but then my preschooler becomes a kindergartner. And my toddler becomes a preschooler! When the heck did that happen? :p

Linda said...

Noah is so adorable, just like you and all of your kids.

I started bawling at the table with Jim at the wedding reception - I was recounting something about dancing, how my Dad was the best dancer ever, and how he can't dance, much less hardly walk anymore. It seems I have more moments where I'm simply crying than not lately, and yep - you're right - life is just full of those times - those times where we realize we are not invincible and life is truly that short.

Love to you,
Aunt Linda :)

Anonymous said...

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD. NOAH CERTAINLY PROVED THIS TO BE TRUE. Sorry for the caps , the cap lock was on and I don't want to retype so the caps really emphasize what is so true.I know as Auntie Barb always says Noah will move mountains in his lifetime and he has proved it this year. Love that little man.