Saturday, May 17, 2014


My Aunt has been posting on Facebook a lot recently about her daughter graduating high school this week. Luckily, she is staying home for a few years and attending university. It's got me thinking though. The way we raise our kids and then set them out in the world is just about the worst thing I can even imagine. We have these babies. We love them and raise them and do everything for them and then 18 years later, gone.

The thought of not seeing my kids everyday feels like a knife in my heart. Dave Matthews sings a great song and some lyrics go "when the kids are old enough, we are going to teach them to fly." Well, I don't want them to fly. I want to clip their wings and keep them with me forever. Is that selfish? Did my parents think that about me when I left their home at 18 and moved in to an apartment with my best friend?

Life is always changing. Our kids are always growing; whether I want them to or not. I bought Emily her first tank top bras today. Just something to smooth out what is obviously starting to grow.

I was taking a shower this morning and she wanted to take a shower with me. When I was teaching her (again) how to properly shampoo her hair, it was hard not to notice the slight differences in her body. Very slowly things are changing. The hairs on her legs are getting darker and she is getting a few underarm hairs. I asked her if she wanted me to show her how to shave her underarms. She said, "I'm not ready for that yet."

And I couldn't agree with her more...neither am I baby girl.

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Linda said...

I'm just getting caught up on reading your blog and bless your heart... yes, it is the hardest thing ever to let go. ♥

Much love to you and your sweet family - we MUST get together sometime in this next year! xo