Friday, April 18, 2014

Science is 100% FUN

Ben had an eye appointment in Phoenix yesterday. He has them every three months. According to the school districts calender, the kids were supposed to have off. It would've been a make up snow day, but we didn't have any snow. So, we planned a fun day at the Arizona Science Center and then Ben's eye appt. Even David got the day off. Then, 2 weeks ago, I get a note from the school saying they have school Thursday and they changed the day off to Monday. I was ticked. The school calls for every stupid reason, they couldn't call to tell us that? So, we went anyway.

We were walking up to the Science Center and I told Ben where we were at. I don't know what he was expecting, but I guess the word Science had him doubting. Before we walked in, he said, "I think this is going to be 100% not fun." We walked in the door, saw a camel statue with all sorts of figurines on it and Ben declared that it was 100% FUN! Glad he was swayed in about 2.5 seconds.

It was field trip day for several schools, so the place was packed. We played in the building room first. For Noah, that was a giant sword fighting room.

It was a little hard. Emily wanted to read everything and learn stuff. Noah wanted to hit every button he saw. We had to keep telling him not to do that, but that's what 4 year olds do!

Ben played house.

The digital room was really cool.

Oh my gosh, this machine that morphs your face was awesome! We couldn't stop playing with it.

Then, we went to the weather room. There is a movie that plays and a center stage to stand on. Then, it takes you through the Forces of Nature elements. Lights come up red with heat to simulate a volcano, the ground shakes for an earthquake, there is wind for a hurricane and some water. Noah was not having any part of it. That kid got freaked off, asked to get off the ride and started crying. I got off and grabbed him over the railing. Poor guy.

The floating balls are always super fun. Yea! Something Noah could do.

And something my husband could do... He played more than the kids I think.

Emily spinning.

Ben on a bed of nails. Okay, I did this too.

Climbing walls...

Tug of war. There were 2 kids on the other side, but our rope was lower and their rope was on top. So, their side was easier. David was determined to beat them.

He got Emily to help. Seriously, look at his face. I'm surprised he didn't hurt himself.

We moved on to the body area. Here's Ben sliding down a colon complete with farting noises. He loved it.

Wheelchair races.

Our heartbeat would beat the drum.

We had a snack and finished up with the outdoor water area. My friend told me to do this last and bring a change of clothes. Smart woman. It was crazy with several field trip kids out there.

We were out there for 15 minutes and 1:00 came. I guess that's the magic hour for the buses to leave and get the kids back to school. The place then looked like this....much better.

The kids had a blast!

And by kids, I mean my husband!

On the way out, there is a telescope and you can put your eye up to it and it projects on this huge screen. Here's Noah's teeth. I guess he thought it was a microphone.

Emily's eye.

Ben's eye.

Noah's eye.

Then, we left and went to Chick Fil A for lunch. I planned an hour. We were so hungry and it was 2:00, so we beat the crowd. We ordered, got our food and ate in 14 minutes. So, we went to the park by the doctor's office.

We were leaving and Ben asked why the tree was green. I said it's called a Palo Verde tree which means green sticks.

Then, Noah wanted to pose by something cool, so he chose the light pole.

We went to Ben's eye appointment and got the best news. We can stop patching his eye for now. It's been almost 3 very long years of wearing that patch every single day. He went from legally blind in his right eye to 20/50 vision. There hasn't been any change in awhile, so we will stop patching. If he backslides at his next appointment, we will have to go back to patching. But, I'm thrilled to be done, especially for summer. It was so hard on vacations and camping. But, we did it! We are so proud of Ben for being such a tropper. Wearing a patch 4-5 hours a day and not seeing well is not fun for anybody. He handled it great for the most part. Sure, he didn't like it, but he didn't complain.

It was the perfect ending to such a great day!

We left Phoenix at 3:30 and got into town a few minutes before 5 and headed straight to our friends house. Emily's friend, Savannah, takes a sewing class and was having a fashion show with all her latest works. More on that tomorrow. My fingers are going numb!


Linda said...

A wonderful day in so many ways. That's crummy about the school changing the day at the last minute though!! I was wondering about those kinds of things for us this year with the almost 2 weeks of snow days we had, but the administration kept the schedule the same for Seniors - thankfully - so nothing changed. I think the underclassmen have to go a few extra days though.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

We love all the pictures of your "fun" day. Even though the science center was packed with kids on Field trips it looked like your kids still got to experience lots of fun stuff,(Dad too)while the "director" was hard at work behind the camera. :)
Great news from Ben's eye check up. Hope he enjoys or notices his new found freedom.It will certainly make it easier on you guys during the summer activities.
Hope your sat and Sunday are fun as well. Happy Easter!