Thursday, April 10, 2014

More About Flat Stanley and Yellow Submarines

It seems that the older generation does't have a clue about Flat Stanley So, he's a character in a series of books for around 2nd grade. A bookcase falls on him and he gets flattened, but he's okay. The good news is he can now fit in an envelope and get mailed all over the world to discover new places.

A lot of schools do this as a fun project and mail Stanley to people in other states. Ask friends to take pictures, etc and mail Stanley back. One time our friend Sharlene in Connecticut sent us her sons Flat Stanley. Oh boy did he have fun a margarita night.

Oh that Flat Stanley was the life of the party. Him and Jose Cuervo. We obviously, didn't send those photos back to the second grade class. But, it's a fun little project for kids to do. Ben's class is just taking Stanley around on their own adventures. He is not being mailed across the country.

In other news, Noah's new favorite song is Yellow Submarine. He was being shy at first when I started filming this. He lets loose at the 30 second mark.

That kid makes me laugh. I'm starting to think I may really miss him in August.


Anonymous said...

Too cute. Now I get the whole picture. A few "pictures and Videos" always help. :)
I hope Stanley's adventures are fun for all. I'm sure Ben can keep him busy.:)

Linda said...

I remember you sharing about Flat Stanley before and I think it's cute.

I'd never heard of it until you mentioned it and it wasn't one of Sarah's items either and I have all of her childhood books. : )

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Just a little add on. Grampie has been roaming around the house singing "we all live in a yellow submaine "for the past two days. When he starts waving his hands high in the air , I guess it will be time to call in the guys in the white suits...I thinks Noah's video must have been like one of those ear worms for him!