Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mom's Tea

I went to my last Mom's Tea at preschool with Noah yesterday. It was a little sad. I remember going to Emily's Mom's Tea in 2009. And Ben's in 2011. Time is marching on and it's a bitter sweet thing. I love watching my kids grow, teaching them about the world and having fun with them. But, as quickly as I write this post, I will be writing about Noah's high school graduation and linking to Emily and Ben's. Time does pass much to quickly.

Noah got dressed up and had a spiffy outfit that he got as a hand me down for cousin Greg.  Thanks, Greg!

He looked so handsome.

We set this up on a timer.

Here's the cute flower pot and insects he made me.

Then, they sing some songs.

I took the first two videos with my cheaper camera because the files aren't as large and it's quicker to upload. But, I felt I wasn't getting close enough, so I switched to my fancy camera for the last two videos. What a difference! I guess that's what $800 gets you!

Noah was totally shy and quiet until the worms came out. Then, he came alive which is funny because he hates worms. I guess gummy ones are safe.

Here's Noah and his amazing teacher, Mrs. Harcey. This woman is gold. She taught all three kids and we are so blessed that she has helped shape them into the great people they are.

This was the picture Noah drew about me. He nailed the eyelashes!

We had a nice time on our date. Although, he told me I couldn't call it that because I can only date Daddy because that's who I married. In any case, we had a nice morning together.


Linda said...

All so cute!!
Sarah didn't do preschool but Kindergarten is like yesterday and yet so far away. I had to hold back tears at last night's Graduation meeting for the parents. Seriously. I thought "Is anyone else crying". Most Moms were looking down at the papers (maybe to hide their tears??) At any rate, it DOES go so fast. I know that Sarah, as happy as she is right now, is also feeling scared and a little sad (I read her tweets) because college is scary to her right now. So... yep, keep cherishing the moments. And even when this time comes, you'll still be cherishing them. It's all good.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Noah is so darn cute! He has really blossomed this year! So great that you had a special morning with him. You're right, time is flying by - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

We loved this narration of your morning with Noah. I agree with Pam Noah has certainly grown a lot this year in personality and attitude. He is a winner that's for sure. He is so cute all dressed up to impress the ladies. (At least he impressed this grammie.)
Too cute that's for sure.Thanks for sharing your "date" with us.