Saturday, April 26, 2014

Emily's Spring Piano Recital 2014

Last night was Emily's Spring Piano Recital. We are so proud of her. She's been playing for a little over a year and a half and she's rocking it. She looked so pretty in her dress.

Here's the 4 piano girls. They are all good friends.

Here's their wonderful piano teacher and friend, Mrs. Stacy.

Usually our recitals are at Mrs. Stacy's house. But, her home is in remodel mode, so she organized it at the Good Samaritan Senior Center where we go twice a year to sing and bring yule tide cheer. It's a total win/win. The Seniors get some entertainment and we get use of their baby grand piano plus a place that can hold 28 people! My Dad and Suzy came up for the night, so they got to see her perform.

The girls greeted some of the audience prior to the show. Since we are there twice a year, we recognize so many of them.

Mrs. Stacy got the girls to be goofy and let out their jitters right before their performances.

Here's Emily's introduction:

We all love the Sound of Music in this house. At Christmas, we told Mrs. Stacy that and she got some songs for Emily to play. Here's Do Re Mi:

And Beethovan's Fifth:


Dancing Bears:

And my favorite is a duet with her teacher of Edelweiss (so, so pretty):

I can't believe she hasn't even been playing for 2 years yet. We are so proud she came back to piano and is loving playing. David's Mom made a good point at Christmas. She told Emily, at 40 years old, you probably won't be able to a backbend or splits, but you'll still be able to play piano. At 60, you won't be able to do a cartwheel, but you'll still be able to play piano. It's something she'll take with her for the rest of her life and we are so proud of her.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Grampie and I are so excited and impressed. When we watched the videos , it was like we were there. Both of us so excited for her. Thank you for taking the time to post all this for us. Even though others may enjoy it we are so thrilled knowing you did it for us. Emily looked so cute and did such a great job. Yeah for her "the virtuosa"


Linda said...

I think those are good points! I'm such an advocate for the music arts (obviously....) :)

She's awesome! All cute girls and I like their dresses - a precursor for future Proms. ;)

Love, Linda