Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter (5 days later...)

What can I say, I'm a busy Mama!

I decided to do something different and covered the baskets this year. I don't like when one kid gets up and sees everything and you are in the shower. Then, the other kids get up and the first one up says, "guess what you got?!" So, it was a big reveal and worked out well. My camera only focused on Emily. I don't know how to work it besides auto mode. It's on my list of fall freedom to dos.

I was determined this year to get the kids things that they could use more than they would eat. Let's face it, I eat it all. Emily got vitamins. Yes, vitamins. She LOVES these Nature Made Vitamelt Vitamin C tablets. She keeps them in the car and has 2 everyday on the way home from school. They are pricey, so they are a treat. Funny, eh? She was so excited. She also got a bathing suit, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, etc...

Noah got a few Ninja Turtles, some chalk, marker, etc...

Ben also got some Ninja Turtles and some of his favorites, like Reese's Fast Break.

I think they all liked their gifts. Emily was looking at Diving Rings here. I don't think she knew what they were at first. I like the idea of doing less candy. I spent about $20 per kid and it was good.

Noah finished looking at his basket, hopped down from the stool and said, "thanks Mom!" Um, you mean the Easter Bunny? He's wise beyond his years. Then, it was time for an egg hunt. We just hide all the eggs in the backyard. The kids think it's fun, but there were probably 200 eggs and they seemed to get bored after awhile.

Our friends invited us to church on Easter morning the night before. We decided to go. We got all ready and weren't even in a hurry. How did that happen? Well, I'll tell you how. Excellent planning on my part. HA! But, seriously it was. I got everything that I could ready the night before. We were leaving for Phoenix right after church, so having everything ready to go was crucial.

We got to Phoenix and got one family photo.

This is my Dad's new car. David took Emily for a spin.

Then, I took all 3 kids for a ride. This was their first time in a convertible. And Ben said, "We get to go in the hot car!" We thought he meant temperature at first, but then he said, "And this is how you get the ladies!" Oh my goodness.

The kids got right in the pool and then played ninjas. It wasn't heated and wasn't even very cold for them.

My Dad and Suzy always get the kids great Easter baskets.

Noah loved this dancing singing duck. Glad it didn't come home with us!

The kids having fun in the pool.

The smokers stuck at the far end of the patio.

My brother.

My beautiful nieces.

Suzy made quite a spread with prime rid and all the fixings. It was so good.

It was a great Easter!


Linda said...

Happy for your update and what a great Easter! :) A variety of everything, a nice full day.

Hope you have a nice weekend,
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

As I've mentioned so many times Grampie was in heaven with all the new pics. Looks like a busy and fun day for sure. Looks like your Easter strategy worked out well for all. Good thing the kids had Monday off after all the holiday excitement from
Sunday. Probably took you most of this week to recover. Lol!