Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Director of Operations

I just watched this video that's floating around Facebook from Cardstore.com.

It's rather funny and completely true. As a Mom, you do, do, do, do and when you feel like you can't do anymore, you do. I know my Mom did this for me, and now, I do it for my kids. It's exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.

I've talked about August and having all 3 of my kids in school all day. I've thought about what I would do. I used to love doing hot yoga with my BFF Pam when we were single. It would be a Saturday morning. I'd leave my house, run by Einsteins to get us bagels and then pick her up and head to the Yoga studio. I LOVE hot yoga. When I was looking up what I may do with my time in August, I looked up hot yoga. We live in a small town and the closest studio was 30 minutes away. I knew if I had to drive for an hour just to get to yoga, it wouldn't happen. But just like that, the stars have aligned.

A hot yoga studio just opened up in our town. A 15 minute drive from my house and right by the grocery stores that I'll be visiting twice a week anyway. I am beyond stoked. It may have to wait until August since school is out in a month and we are gone more than we are home this summer. We have 3 camping trips planned and a 15 day trip around the Northwest of the US and Southwest of Canada. In any case, I am so looking forward to channeling my inner yogi.

In other news, Noah finally learned how to blow his nose today! He seriously couldn't blow it. I held his lips together and told him to breathe in through his nose. Then, out through his nose. And just like that he finally got it, and boogers were all over my fingers. I didn't even care. After all, I am the Director of Operations.


Anonymous said...

Well there now you have it, Director... The video was very compelling for sure . I know you are selfless when it comes to doing for your family (and friends too I'm sure)
Yeah Noah finally can blow his own nose! ( maybe?)Anyway he is certainly becoming his own little self.New accomplishments to his credit everyday.(with a Director of Operations hovering near by just in case.)!
Hope you all have a great rest of the week and a Happy Easter weekend.

Linda said...

Yep, all goes along with being a Mom. Even though I only have one, nearly every other thought I've had for the past 18 years has been about her. Yes, I'm still that consumed with being a Mom and I imagine I will be for a while longer yet, since she's not going anywhere for the next year or longer.

I never heard of Hot Yoga. I had to look it up. I'm glad you'll be doing something you'll enjoy. I'm not sure that I could ever do yoga, since it's a stretch for me to touch my toes. ;)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty powerful video. Kudos to all you moms out there! I hope the yoga works out for ya! You should do a drop in here and there so you don't have to wait until August. Love ya!