Sunday, March 9, 2014

Staining and Swimming

With the swing set sanded it was time to stain and seal it today. What a tedious process. Emily asked to help and actually did help for almost an hour. I was so impressed.

The kids talked me into buying them this little inflatable pool at Sams yesterday. It was only $30, so I figured they could have some fun in it. They did!

I would think it would be boring for them, but it provided hours of entertainment.

I helped Dave paint for several hours and he finally finished up after about 4 hours of painting. It looks great and we are so happy to be done with that project!

The kids had to test it out. Yea! No splinters!


Linda said...

The swing set looks great!! And of course, an Illinois girl for life, I can't imagine living somewhere that you can swim or play in water in March!!! :O Our pool won't be opened until right around the time for Sarah's graduation party which is May 24th, and even then, it's iffy if the water will be warm enough to swim in.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Good work, Emily and dad and mom,of course.It looks really like new again. Quite a task for sure. The new little pool will keep the kids happy for this week at least, and it is not deep enough to be worrisome not even for Noah!In fact it should keep them happy till the big pools are opened. ( I hope)I can hardly wait to see you all next week. I can't believe how quickly the time has come since Christmas and yet it does seem ages since I was there. Anyway see you all soon.