Saturday, March 8, 2014

On Spring Break, I Rode a Camel

Today was the first day of Spring Break. To kick of Spring, I bought cute new dishtowels. I love dishtowels. They make me happy.

We typically go somewhere for spring break, so the news of staying home for 9 days with nothing to do wasn't the most exciting. To make matters worse, David and I have some sprucing up around the house to do, starting with the swing set. David started sanding it today.

I plan to help with staining it, but there wasn't much I could do with all the sawdust flying everywhere. So, I recruited the kids to help me clean up the back yard. It was a day of firsts. They had never cleaned up dog poop.

Well, Noah and Ben helped. But, I can say that Emily still hasn't picked up dog poop. She made some awful faces along with fake gagging, and I just didn't think it was worth the fight.

Then, they helped shift out bigger rocks from the sand pit. Again, Emily did more supervising than anything.

Then, I decided we were just in the way, so we I took the kids out for a bit. There was this petting zoo set up for the weekend at the tractor store on the highway. It was $1 to get in and really fun for the kids. Ben loved the zebra.

The camel and lama liked to try to eat us a little, so we kept our distance.

Noah's favorite spot was right in the middle where none of the animals could come anywhere near him. Smart kid. This little guy was more their speed.

Then, a guy outside was giving camel rides, 2 for $10! How could we pass that up? My kids have never even been on a horse, but they rode a camel today. Well, not Noah. He was scared.

Emily gave it a thumbs up and said it was awesome.

When I asked Ben what he thought, he just said "paradise". I guess he liked it.

We went to the store and got frosty's and fries from Wendy's. We got home hours later and David was still working.

On the agenda tomorrow, staining.


Anonymous said...

Wow , What an awesome day! I'm sure Ben did think he was in paradise and Emily looked pretty happy as well. Hope all the rest of the days go by smoothly.

Dakri said...

When we went the camel in the petting area was sleeping it looked like it was dead.


Linda said...

Looks like fun!!! :)

I still want to get away for at least a couple of days of Sarah's spring break which isn't until March 24-28 since it's her last official spring break from regular grade school before college.... but I don't know which days yet because she has a job interview next week and has to see how that goes yet before we plan a getaway. Time flies far too fast for my liking.

Love, Linda