Thursday, March 6, 2014

Around Our House

I love when I catch my kids being sweet to each other. 

Noah calls nipples, nibbles. I think it's awesome. That should be what they are called. It sounds so much nicer. 

I had to get a new recycle bin because ours had a huge crack in it. You know the big ones that go out by the curb. They delivered the "new" one today. It had mud on the bottom, barely wheeled and cob webs on it. I called to complain that my trash can wasn't clean enough. When I hung up, I was laughing at myself. Did I seriously just complain that the garbage can wasn't clean? Why yes, yes I did!

The Frozen Soundtrack is on repeat practically at this house. It's one of my favorite Disney movies. For now anyway. I have a feeling I'll hate it by the end of next week.

The kids get out 2 hours early tomorrow and start Spring Break. We have absolutely nothing planned. Well, the park on Tuesday. Other than that, nothing, except Frozen on repeat! Wish me luck.

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Linda said...

Frozen is Sarah's favorite movie. Yes, she's 18 and ADORES all of the Disney movies but especially Frozen. I believe she's seen it around 30 times now or maybe more. She made Jim and I sit through it and I of course loved it and Jim - he fell asleep, as he commonly does throughout our movies.

You have an early spring break. Ours isn't until March 24 - 28 and we're going to do something for a couple of days at least but I'm not sure what yet - probably St. Louis because it's further south and warmer there.

We don't do recycling here - they offer it at a huge cost and Jim said he's not paying a company money so that they can make money off the recycling which is what they do. When I lived in the Chicago area, it was free - they gave us bins and it was part of the normal garbage pickup but it's not like that here.

Enjoy your break!
Love, Linda