Monday, March 10, 2014

Let It Go

I think I mentioned that the Frozen Soundtrack is on repeat here.

I put Noah in a timeout this morning for hitting Ben. I totally forgot about him. After about 30 minutes, I heard the blinds moving and thought it was Rocko. It was Noah. I'm shocked he stayed their that long. I immediately told him I was sorry that I left him there so long and I just got busy working and forgot.

He didn't say anything and went to sulk outside. Then, I heard him at the top of this lungs singing Let It Go. Appropriate for the situation.

In other news, I have an ear infection and can't get in at the doctor until tomorrow. Not good.


Linda said...

That's so cute of Noah singing - yes, it is Sarah's favorite - now she tells us she has watched the movie over 40 times.... OCD runs in our family, what can I say.

Sorry you have an ear infection. :( I've been feeling like my left ear is beginning its annual clog-up where I have to go in and have it flushed out, but since I avoid going to the doctor for anything, I'll probably be waiting a while longer until it's totally clogged.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

That song is a classic ear worm! Now I'll have it in my head all night! Feel better! You have to feel better by Saturday! Love you! Xo

Anonymous said...

Gina, I am sorry to hear about your ear infection. I hope they are able to help you at the dr. today. I think Pam is right about that song , I wake up in the middle of the night and hear that music pounding away in my head and I don't even have kids playing it all day long. I couldn't really hear what Noah was singing but I'm sure he was pretty adamant about it at least it looked that way.:)Hopefully he will still have a few notes for me next week. Maybe he and Rachel can do a duet?
Anyway I hope the next news is that your ear is better and that David's congestion has cleared up.