Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cousins in Sedona

The kids all still went to school while their cousins were visiting. Sure, I could've let them stay home, but I try set a good example. I knew there would be plenty of time to have fun on the weekend, one more day wouldn't make a difference.

So on Friday while the kids were in school, Alisa, Gwynne and the kids went to Sedona for a day trip.

And when you go to Sedona with kids, you must go to Slide Rock.

They couldn't resist the 48 degree water. Yikes!

Grammie did not put her toes in. She's smart.

They had a fun outing. Sedona never disappoints.

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Linda said...

That looks beautiful and I want to go there someday when we visit!

I also commend you on not letting the kids take off school - I don't believe in taking them out, not even for vacations and as Sarah would tell you - have to be dying before you can stay home for being sick as well, LOL. Of course, at the high school level - they're only allowed 5 absences the whole school year - anymore than that, warrants a trip to the doctor for a note.

Enjoyed the beautiful photos.
Love, Linda