Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cousins at the Lake

Sometimes I feel like giving up my blog. It takes time and effort and I just think I don't have time sometimes. As you can probably tell from my lack of posts lately. Then, I look back on things on my blog and I'm so, so, so glad that I'm doing this for my kids.

We wanted to take the cousins to Goldwater Lake. We've been there once before, so I searched it on my blog. There it is. Oh my gosh, it was two years ago. Look at my little babies. You can admire them here. Where had the time gone? Thank God, I make time for this blog and for the stories and pictures that go with it. It's a treasure!

They just put in a new playground at the Lake and boy was it fun!

Even the big kids tried it out. These things twirled and twirled until you almost threw up. I tried this too, but looked like a whale in the photo, so you can just take my word for it.

Gwynne and her kids.

We set off for our hike.

We stopped to get Grammie set up first. The boys had a snack.

Gwynne had a good book and a good view.

Here's my nephew Greg looking sweet.

Here's my beautiful niece Rachel.

Here's Noah....

Skipping rocks down by the water.

Probably as good of a pic of the five as I'll ever get.

Gwynne said she could hear us almost the entire time. This quiet little crew? Never!

Figuring out how old the tree is/was.

Seriously, these boys don't stop running.

If they saw rocks, they had to climb them.

Or do cartwheels on them...

On the trail...

Ben in action.

All of Gwynne's babies and grandbabies.

Noah needed a break.

Rachel looking cute.

She is super high up. This made me nervous. Sometimes, I'm just like my mother. Love you Granny!

Emily and Ben at the top. I should've taken a far away photo so you could see how massive these rocks were.

They spotted Grammie Gwynne and are waving.

Greg still going. Rachel ready for a break. Can you tell Rachel and Noah are related, they both need breaks.

And one more stop on the swing before we left.

The kids were a hot dirty mess by the end of the day. But, isn't that how it should be?


Linda said...

Well, I for one, would totally miss your blog because it's been such a wonderful way for me to get to know you all!! I tell your Uncle Jim about it all the time, reporting in on what you're doing, etc.

The photos in this post are really fantastic, so many good ones!! Especially, the one of Gwynne and her kids and all of them together and the one of the 5 kids is such a good shot. Nice work!! : )

This is another place I'd love to hike around at - it's gorgeous.

Thanks for continuing to update.
Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

I hope you continue to find time for an entry now and again, even if they are far apart--I would miss watching your gorgeous kids growing up!

I've only been doing my blog for a few years but I have an older (mostly private) journal that goes back over ten years and sometimes its fun to skim through it :) Especially when I hit the years when the kids started to come and their cute little faces are all over the place :p