Saturday, March 29, 2014

Biker Boy

Noah had a bike a thon fundraiser at preschool on Friday. He was excited to go and bike with his class.

We registered and went out to the track. We were 15 minutes early. Noah wanted to start riding, so off he went.

They had a fire truck there too. Noah kept going in circles.

He was very serious.

He did about 20 laps and then they had them line up to start the race.

The police officer gave the kids some rules of the road. And one of the pastors at the church led us all in prayer.

And off they went! This cop is hanging out handing out citations for speed violations and no turn signal! Kidding, his daughter was racing.

Six laps in, Noah needed a break! Now mind you, he did another 20 that didn't officially count. He was super impressed with the snack bar they had out for the kids to pick whatever they wanted.

After snacks, he got back on his bike and did more laps. Then, he called it quits.

Firepal Rick put him in the firetruck!

And gave him a helmet!

It was a super fun morning!


Linda said...

Awww, he did great!!! : )
Looks like a really fun morning.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

So happy I was able to be there and see our little bicyclist participate with such sincere attention to the task at hand. Great job, Noah.