Sunday, February 23, 2014


I haven't been blogging much lately. It's been really nice out and when we are not doing our normal everyday mumbo jumbo, we have been outside enjoying the weather. Yesterday, we did yard work. Today we went to the park!

It's been nice. Although, we would've like some snow this winter. Oh well, there's always next year.

We are expecting my Mom for a visit this week for a few days. Noah is most excited. He misses his Granny so much. She always played ninjas with him. Then, my Dad and Suzy are coming up for the night on Saturday, and David and I have a party in Phoenix. So, we'll get to visit and get a few hours to ourselves.

Up next week, sanding and staining the playground. It's non stop excitement around here.

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Linda said...

Looks divine to me!

We'll get our warmth in a couple of months likely. Maybe before then, but not until after we emerge from the latest polar vortex.... it's 20 this morning, going up for a high of 28. It's really hard to remain positive this winter here. My only solace is that I can see March 1st on the horizon.... but even then, we won't have warm weather for quite a while.

Have fun with your visits. : )

Love, Linda