Friday, February 14, 2014


We don't go overboard on Valentine's Day. I buy the kids a few candies. David brings Emily and me flowers. David and I exchange cards. That's about it. I know the day is about love and is to be celebrated, but I feel like every day is full of love around here. We end most nights with 20 minutes of lovin'. That means our kids' are in our arms at the end of most every day. Then, we tuck the kids in and David and I hold hands while we watch TV. Seriously, we are very fortunate and I may take it for granted from time to time. But, my life is blessed. This much I know.

Last Mother's Day, I told David that I'd rather have flowers that were potted from Trader Joes instead of fresh cut flowers. I'll get to enjoy them so much longer. On Mother's Day, he bought me a beautiful hydrangea that lasted all summer. Yesterday, he brought me an orchid and Emily a lovely rose bush. I love it and love that I'll be able to look at them and feel the love for months to come.

We are enjoying some unusually warm weather for this time of year. Although, we are all disappointed we didn't get any snow this winter. My thought is if it's not cold enough to snow and enjoy that, then it might as well be warm. And warm it is. Ben's birthday is tomorrow and we are having his party at the park with temps in the 70's. Even our sweet Rocko dog is enjoying the warmth. He has a rough life.

Emily made this video just for her Grammie and Grampie. They request piano videos, so Emily tries to please.

On this Valentine's Day, we aren't doing anything grand. I'll hug my kids a little tighter and kiss my husband a little longer, and honestly, I don't want for anything more. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Excellent piano playing, Em! I'm very impressed! Love to you all! Xoxo
Auntie Pam

Linda said...

That all sounds great. I don't know about the cuddling part though, unfortunately we don't do a lot of that here. Sarah's never been a cuddler and I guess that's because I wasn't either. So, when we were at the Senior Night for Pep Band last night, she said, I was supposed to hug her when we walked out, but how was I to know, because usually she just pulls away. I guess we did used to cuddle a little at bedtime when we read stories, but that's so long ago now.

I love your plants - I had an Orchid for many years that I left out too late in the year and it died (I place the houseplants outside during the summer months).

Your temperatures are wonderful. I wouldn't complain one bit about 70 degrees or warmer. Heck, I'd take 50 and wear shorts and we are so hoping for that next week here. But in the meantime.... we have tons of snow on the ground and it's surely way overrated, because the actual temperature here this morning is -2. Bah.......


Anonymous said...

I loved to hear how happy you are with your family on a daily basis and that's all good. The plants are lovely especially pretty orchid. I hope you do better with yours than I was able to do with any I've ever had (2). Emily thanks for the mini concert Grampie and I love the way you are able to play the piano now and you are getting better all the time. Guess it's the new piano . :)
Thanks you for taking the time to make that video for us. We both applaud you loudly. Yeah Emily!