Saturday, February 8, 2014

Green Belt

Ben had a belt promotion from yellow to green belt on Friday night. I'm always so nervous for him. It's definitely hard for the kids, especially breaking the board. All I pray for is that Ben won't kick and kick and kick and nothing. This happened a few times at the last one. The kids always gets it or the teacher will switch up the kick after too many hits. Last time, this girls hand was bloody for hitting a board and she just couldn't get it. The teacher let her do it with her elbow and she got it.

Here's Ben doing his warm ups with the other belt promotion students. I love his focus.

Then, had to do some kicks.

Look at his speed.

Then, they have to go through their self defense moves. Emily thought the little girl testing next to Ben was adorable. She is super cute. Her name is Ginger and you just want to pick her up and put her in your pocket.

Look at Ben fighting off his attacker.

Then, he does his basic form moves with the 2 other students who were also getting their green belt.

Then, it was time to kick the board. He had to do a sideways kick, and I don't think he realized that at first. In any case, it took him a few tries, but he got it. I always think when the teacher steps in to hold the board he helps break it, but I watched the video in that part several times, and I can't see his hands change at all. It was all Ben. We were so proud of him.

He got his green belt and did a handshake with the teacher.

And a high five.

And a fist bump, and a head butt.

And he got a trophy.

Here he is examining his trophy.

Emily took a few pictures of us. Some were blurry and well, David is tall, so some are missing the top few inches of his head.

Emily congratulating her brother after.

I tried to get Noah in a picture too, but he was being pouty. So we got home and he told me he was ready for his picture. I thought he wanted to get a photo with Ben, but he just wanted one alone.

Ben is an official green belt now. He'll probably move on to purple before the end of the year and then we will quit for the summer like we usually do. I wonder if he'll want to continue on next year. He says he wants to get a black belt which I think takes about 4-5 years.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Ben! Keep on waxing on, waxing off, my friend and you'll be a black belt ninja in no time!

High five, fist bump, head bump and a kiss from Auntie Pam. Xo

Linda said...

Great job, Ben!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics of Ben but when I went back to show Grampie there were several that wouldn't open and were replaced with the picture of a panda. Anyway Ben I know they were really you and you were doing a great job. You went from yellow to green very quickly I guess you must be really practicing those kicks on something... wonder what that is. Hope your foot is better by now and that the pain goes away after one of those kicks. Yellow belt came with breaking the board with your hand green with your foot, wonder what purple will be . I hope it's not your head. :(

Anonymous said...

ooops!I messed up Yellow did not come with breaking the board with your hand.. I am sorry I messed up. Guess I was remembering some movie I saw in the past and got confused about the hero of the story... :)