Thursday, February 6, 2014


Noah had Cowboy day at preschool. He even brought Woody for show and tell since the letter of the week was C. I tried to take a few quick photos before he got in David's car.

I thought I could get a better picture, so I tried again, but he was looking at his Dad.

Then, he was looking at the man walking his dog.

Then, he was upset because I yelled at him to look at the camera and smile.

Then, he gave me this fake cheesy smile.

Next time, I'm stopping at photo #1.


Linda said...

Cute! :)

I've been wondering where you've been - kept checking here for updates and there were none until today. Hope everyone is doing well.

Here, we returned to work and school again. Our 7th snow day was yesterday. Good thing Sarah is a Senior and they don't count for them. It's been a crazy last semester of school!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I echo Linda's sentiments. I too was wondering if everything was OK out your way. I called on Sunday and left a message as no one answered, but then I noticed you didn't seem to be on FB so I too was concerned. However glad to see Noah is his own little Noah self and I realized this pic was not from today as no school for Noah on Thursday.So-o-o I'm guessing you've been busy.
Anyway cute photo shoot of Noah and glad he is learning the letter C, such a useful letter (cute, cuddly,comedic,creative,costly etc etc etc) :)