Thursday, January 23, 2014

Warm Days

This winter has been really different. We didn't get one decent snowfall and our highs have been in the 60's for a month. David is disappointed. Me, not so much. Although I do like some snow for the kids.

I've been busy working my butt off today and Noah was feeling neglected. I took a break. Some sunshine and sidewalk chalk and everything is right in our world. 

We took a few minutes to work on his swinging. I got to preschool a few months ago a little early so I was watching the kids playing on the playground.  There was Noah on the swing, not moving. Meanwhile the 5 year old prodigy next to him is almost reaching the sky. He tried and tried but nothing. So, he laid on it with his belly and spun himself round and round. That's my boy!  He can improvise. But today, he got the hang of it. 
He's not a sky level, but he'll get there.
It was a nice break. 


Linda said...

Oh my, you don't know how inviting this looks to me right about now. To be outdoors without a coat and bare feet! Ahhhh...... it's 6 degrees right now here in Central Illinois. Despite the nice sunshine, the temperature has barely moved today.

Enjoy!! And way to go Noah!! :)
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yea Noah! That pumping on the swing is a hard feat to accomplish. Good for him, I've been working with Rachel on that when she comes to Grammie Boot Camp but I think she's still working on it. But, I'm sure he was happy to have you as an audience and a cheering section. :)