Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

I picked Noah up from school yesterday and he was feeling meh. Then, later he had a fever and wasn't very happy.

Then, I gave him Motrin and he perked up. We call it the Motrin High. I was playing Candy Crush and he was trying to play with me. I started being silly, and he thought I was a crack up. This went on for over 10 minutes until I couldn't do it anymore.

Then, I realized when I watched it later that I've turned into my Father. He's done this exact thing with me when I was little and all my kids at some point. He's wonderful, so I don't mind being like him. It's also his birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad! Those giggles are for you!


Linda said...

Very cute!! We live on silliness in our house, is there any other way?

Hope your Dad has a great birthday!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

♪Happy Birthday to Pete♫.Hope his birthday is a good one. Somehow or other they are not always that great when you get past 60 or so.... Sorry Pete. You know what I mean.
So sad that Noah wasn't feeling well but it looks like Motrin helped a lot. Wish I had some of that high for his Grampie. Now he has what I had last week, but oh so much worse... or at least it appears that way. :(
Hope Noah does kick it quickly though.