Sunday, January 5, 2014


We always say Ben is an old soul. He holds on to everything. Things have a sentimental value to him, toys, pajamas, even teeth. He will be 8 in a month and hasn't lost a tooth yet. We noticed several weeks ago that his big tooth was coming up behind his baby tooth. I told him to wiggle that baby tooth and get it out. He's been doing it but nothing. We went to the dentist on Friday. Yes, I took all 3 kids and myself for a cleaning at the same time. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In any case, I was worried the dentist might want to pull the baby tooth. He just told him to keep wiggling it.

And Ben did. Tonight in the bath, it came out!

I'm so glad he lost his tooth at home with us. All of his classmates have lost several teeth and I know they wouldn't think it's as big of deal as we think it is.

His teeth are so tiny. It looks like a grain of rice. I wish he had a big space in his teeth like a jack o lantern, but his big tooth was bigger than his little tooth. It's his first step into growing up, and I'm glad we were here to see it. And he gets his first visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight. How exciting!


Linda said...

Exciting times! :)

Sarah had several baby teeth with huge roots that wouldn't come out - permanent teeth came in behind them and several baby teeth had to be pulled by the dentist. She also had (has) 2 peg teeth - tiny teeth that never developed (peg laterals) and she has crowns over those. Ahh.... dental issues. Hopefully none of that for your crew! xo

-13 here this morning - actual temp and -38 with the wind. Hasn't been this cold since I was in high school. Brrr...
Hopefully all is warmer where you are. <3

Love Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is too funny as I was just thinking about Baby teeth and the fact that I must have missed it(forgotten)when Ben lost his baby teeth and then trying to imagine his big new teeth and I was having a problem visualizing his teeth at all. and then probably an hour later I see your blog. Too weird. Anyway glad to see he got that first one out and hopefully the rest will follow soon.♥