Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've never really watched anything or anybody die. Sure, I've seen the occasional spider or cricket die, but that was welcome and caused by my shoe. We've put 2 dogs down and David went alone for both of them. Our sweet Max just never came home one night. I wasn't with any of my grandparents at the exact moment they passed either.

Yesterday, I was working at my computer and I heard a thud hit our window. I look and a little sparrow had hit it and landed on Rocko's dog crate. I got up to look at him. He was cute and fluffy. His little body took a few deep breaths. Then, he put his head down, let out one final breath and stopped moving. I was hoping he was just stunned and that he'd spring up in a few minutes. I kept working and glancing over. Nothing. He was dead.

I told Noah about him and he was most curious.

I told Noah not to touch him. At first he grabbed a leaf and poked a few times. He thought the bird was cute and was seriously upset that he was dead. Then, he got Rocko's comb and brushed him.

I was willing that little birdie to come alive. For no other reason than to freak Noah out completely. But, he didn't. David threw him in the trash when he got home.

It was sad to see something so cute die. The kids asked if he went to Heaven. I told them on that last breath that I think I saw his soul leave his body. I mean, there has to be birds in Heaven, right?

In any case, I need to go Windex my windows. They are awful!


Linda said...

This just makes me cry.

I know that probably doesn't make sense, but it does. Yesterday morning after the big blizzard night (though I guess technically that was Monday morning, I'm losing track of days), anyway... after I woke up I immediately opened the blind to our bedroom window like I do every day to look out at the bird feeders directly outside our window... to check on the birds that feed there daily. There were a bunch out there on that frigidly cold morning - it was -40 degrees out. One little Finch was eating slowly on one side of one of the feeders and it's feathers were all matted wet, and it was looking really frozen. I half figured it was going to die before my eyes. I got very sad and mentioned to Jim that I thought about going outside with some work gloves and catching it to bring in the garage. Jim said that he expected I'd want him to build a bird house shelter in the back for these guys.... Anyway, I lost track of that little bird so I'm not sure if it made it. I know that in the Bible it says that God cares for each sparrow and not one drops to the ground without Him knowing about it.

Also, Noah is so cute in wanting to care for the little bird.


Anonymous said...

So sweet,our little man. Sad for the little sparrow. Now that you know he knows how to use Rocko's brush... you'll have to put him to work, brushing Rocko's fur.( Just a side job)♥