Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Tooth and Hockey

Ben came running out of school on Monday. Well, he always runs out of school. I don't know if he's just excited to be done, excited to see me, or knows that I always give him crap when he's the last kid out of school. Maybe all three. In any case, he comes running out with a his tooth in this cute little tooth container. His second baby tooth came out. I was so excited for him. Trying to get a picture was another story....
Can't really see it...

Wouldn't hold still...

Hello, flash!

Now, that's attractive...

What I love is the people at his school. He has a teacher and an aide in his classroom. I know both of them personally. Well, the aide more so than the teacher. They are such nice women. During the school year, my kids spend more time with their teachers than they do with me. I want to make sure they are with someone caring. Ben's aide, Mrs. Christina, got him a container and a string to wear his tooth around his neck. I love that they made him feel special, instead of just sending him to the nurse.  They always tell me how much they love Ben, not like him.  They both say the love him.  I love that.

My last post, I wrote about my smart kids. Well, the town did something they've never done before. Our hockey team, The Sundogs are an amateur league and they play here in Prescott Valley. 35 schools got to send kids to a hockey game today. So, anybody in grades 2-6 at my kids school who made Principal's List, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Student of the Quarter, Cool Coyote (character award) got to go on this field trip. And what a field trip! They were gone the entire day and had an absolute blast. The Sundogs beat the Rapid City Rush from South Dakota. How cool is that? When I was a kid, we took a field trip to the dairy farm.

Here's a picture the Town of Prescott Valley posted on their Facebook page.

I asked my Canadian husband why he thought there was a Canadian flag. It goes, Arizona, U.S.A., Canada. Interesting. His first thought was probably because all the players are Canadian, which they probably are. Then, I noticed in the brochure that they also play Brampton Beast from Ontario, so maybe that's why.

They got a free hot dog, chips and apple for lunch. I sent the kids with $5 each to buy additional concession food. Emily got blue cotton candy. I'm not surprised. Ben used his $5 for a cowbell and clappy hands. He bought two souvenirs. When I asked him why he didn't get food, he said he wanted something that would last forever. I think the memories of such a fun day will.


Linda said...

Love the way you write!

Your mentioning about you giving Ben heck for being last out so he rushes.... lol - brought back memories for me. It wasn't too long ago that I was picking Sarah up from school 3 days a week and Jim did the other 2 - all the way until Junior year of high school. And yes, she was normally near the last to come out all years of school. Sometimes we complained (Jim more than me) but normally not.... Now those days are over and of course she just drives herself, which is a whole different set of worries (mostly that she gets up on her own and gets out of the house on time since no one is there to prompt her and most always, she does fine). ;)

What a fun field trip! Sarah has hardly ever had field trips - the problem with living in a poverty-stricken community where the schools don't offer too many field trips. I on the other hand, grew up with field trips to Chicago since I lived in the burbs. Those were the days....

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

What a great day the kids must have had and Ben cleaned up on fond memories, Loosing a tooth at school on the same day he went to see the Sundogs and bought himself some souvenirs. ( other things that he'll keep forever) Just wondering since he likes to hold on to his possessions if he's going to allow the tooth fairy access to his very own tooth. Hmmm!
I'm glad both of the two eldest got to participate in the special event.You see the hard work does pay off. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh oh ,just noticed the tooth episode and the Sundogs adventure were not on the same day... sorry about that confusion on my part. Hope the rest of the week went smoothly.
Confused Grammie.. :(

Thomas DeFinnis said...

I think Ben was running because he was excited to show you his baby tooth. It looks like he'll be losing them one by one soon. He'll be a little man soon. Haha! Anyway, you being able to watch an amateur hockey league live is really amazing. I bet Ben was really excited. I can't really remember where my school went for a field trip, but I know it wasn't as exciting as going to a hockey game!

Thomas DeFinnis @ Wynnewood Dental Arts