Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day

After 5 days of rain and snow (which is unusual for us here in Arizona), the clouds have left and the sun is shining. I spotted "The Peaks" on my drive home from the grocery store today. They are mountains about 100 miles from us. They go up to about 13,000 feet, not that you can tell from this photo.
But, they are covered with snow. I'm so itching to teach my kids how to ski. Well, I think I would let an instructor teach them. I didn't learn until I was 18, and I wish I had learned when I was younger. Ben is totally up for it. Surprisingly, Emily is a little scared. Noah would probably get left at home with Granny for now. We'll see if we do it this winter.

The sun is shining and it's 46 degrees. Perfect for a bike ride. This is the first time I took Noah out on the open road. He's just getting the whole pedaling thing down.
He did a really good job except for when he wants to "zig zag" and he ends up in the rocks. We'll work on steering next time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Around Our House

On recommendation from a friend, David and I started watching the TV series 24 back in September. It was on 10 years ago, but David and I were too busy making babies, having babies and being sleep deprived to pay much attention to TV. It was on for 8 seasons. 24 episodes per season. 192 episodes total. We watched them all back to back and finished the series last night.

Man was it good. Jack Bauer is a total bad ass, and we both enjoyed every episode. There is supposed to be a movie out sometime. It obviously can't come soon enough. This occupied much of our spare time on weekends and at night. We both couldn't wait to watch just one more episode. We are already going through withdrawals when looking at our DVR and we can pick from American Idol or Biggest Loser. Really, if you have never seen 24, start with season 1 and enjoy each and every episode. We got some seasons from a friend, others we checked out from the library.

I knew we had watched too much of a crime fighting show when the other night I was telling David something that I heard that wasn't really true. He said, "well, your intel must have been bad." Yeah, we were slightly obsessed for 4 months.

In other news, we saw a coyote in our neighborhood this morning. Damn coyotes. I know they ate our cat Max 3 years ago. This guy was about 8 houses down from us and crossed right in front of my car.  He was looking for breakfast in the form of a cat I'm sure. 
 photo IMG_3537_zpsb925d4ee.jpg
Noah is 100% potty trained. I say that today and tonight he will wet the bed and tomorrow he'll poop in his underwear. He's done so well and hasn't had a single accident in about a month. Bribing him with toys from the dollar store was the key to his success. And after giving him toys for 2 months when he did his business, he's finally stopped asking for them. I actually recycled the toys and would put dinosaurs and army men back in his poop bucket. I guess he finally caught on and the toys aren't a big deal anymore.

Ben has always enjoyed drawing and will often spend hours on something. He came home from school today and got right to work on this comic strip. I was looking at it tonight when I noticed the last guy was saying "shit!"
 photo IMG_zps7df6c35b.jpg
It's Spiderman auditioning for American Idol of some sort. And while I wasn't thrilled he's using expletives in his stories, I'm happy he spelled it correctly.

The second page showed a guy getting hurt on sharp rocks.
 photo IMG_0001_zps2a3151e9.jpg
The last clip says "State Farm, it's that important".
Seriously, where does he get this stuff from?

Friday, January 25, 2013

First Love

I write posts for many reasons, but mostly because I want my kids to be able to look back one day and relive their childhood. I want them to read all these experience and feel how much I love them.

And that's what this post is about. Feeling love.

I was helping in Ben's class yesterday. I was standing across the room swapping out their books in a bag. Ben's seat is across the room and his back is to me. I'm working away and I stop for a moment. I can feel him staring at me.

I look up and our eyes meet. He holds my gaze. I give him a small smile and he smiles back. He then turned around and kept working. It was a tiny moment, only a few seconds really. But I could feel how much he loves me.

Later that night, I asked Ben about that moment and what he was thinking. After a little blushing, he said he thought I was pretty and he loves me. How sweet is that?

Ben's first love is me, his Mom. And Emily's is her Daddy. Still at 9 years old, she thinks the sun rises and sets with her Dad. We are their first loves and I think that's exactly how it should be.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Worn Out

Today was a beautiful 45 degrees. It was time to get out and defrost with friends. We rode bikes to the park. Played for a few hours and rode home.

Noah came home and fell asleep in the middle of playing on my phone. Look at his little finger still on the screen. He's so sweet. It was a fun filled day.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is a Test

I'm trying this out...a post from my phone.

I helped in the kids classes this morning and saw this on the bulletin board outside of Em's class.

In Bens class, we celebrated the 100 th day of school.

Fun! Fun!

Update: Okay, that works pretty well and easy, but it has to be for short quick posts. And I can't insert pictures exactly where I want them. They just show up at the bottom. All in all though, I would say it's a success and super easy to do a little post here and there. You know, to make my Dad happy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Hangin' Around

I think it definitely helps to have something fun and active for the kids indoors. It was 0 degrees here with the windchill the other morning. IN ARIZONA! Crazy.

The spider dome is still a huge hit. This is Emily's new trick today.
She's awesome.

Then, I found this scene in her Barbie Dream House.
That's Ken mooning you. I'm not sure what exactly is going in, but I don't think it's rated G. So, I asked Emily about it and she said she didn't pose them like that. She said the Barbies were having a slumber party in the bunk beds, but Ken wasn't invited. Then Noah fessed up to adding Ken to the mix. Figures.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Around Our House

My Dad complained yesterday about my lack of blog posts lately. For him to notice and call to voice a complaint is a pretty serious matter. I must remedy the situation. Plus, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday so I want to make him happy.

Things have been busy lately. Getting back into the groove after Christmas break is not easy. It's always hard having all 3 kids home all day every day, but it's also a lot easier. Late nights, lazy mornings, having no schedule is a beautiful thing.

Our friends hosted their annual adults only party in Phoenix this past weekend. Here are the lovely hosts, Amy and Colby.
They put on a great party with good friends, good food and good conversation.
We do a really yummy fondue dinner. Here's me with my best friend Pam.
And me and my good looking hubby.
We go down for the party and come back home after. It's just easier to wake up at our own house. Of course the kids were up waiting for us at 11:30. My Mom has no rules, but they are safe and have fun and that's all we ask of the Granny Nanny. Ha!

The second quarter of school has ended and Emily had an awards assembly yesterday. There she is in a sea of third graders.
She earned honor roll again! I'm so proud of her.
It's a new thing this year that first grade doesn't do assemblies. They just hand out awards in their class. They do this for Kindergarten which I understand. But, I think it's just lame and a cop out for first grade. In any case, Ben came running out after school yesterday to tell me he got Student of the Quarter!
I'm so proud of him. He's so awesome.

They also got their report cards. Emily had all A's and 1 B. Ben had all O's and 1 S. They are awesome kids. Now we have to go have milkshakes at Red Robin to celebrate!

That's all the news for now..
Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Work? and Spider Dome

I had this great conversation with Ben today. It went something like this:

Me: Mommy needs to get back to work.
Ben: You work? But, you don't go anywhere.
Me: Um, yeah, I get to work from my computer.
Ben: Oh, I just thought you were always playing video games.

And there you have it. After almost working for 2 years, Ben finally realizes that I'm not just playing video games. Shows me that he really is in his own little world.

In other news, we sold our teeter totter airplane that was in our living room for years on Craigslist several months ago. The great thing is that it was in pretty mint condition since it was inside most the time. Well, we moved it to the backyard when we got new carpet and then we never moved it back in. Anyway, my point being we bought it for $150 at Costco and because it was in good shape, we sold it for $100 on Craigslist. Sweet.

I saw a spider dome thingy at Costco last week. I asked David if we could put it in our living room to which he thought I was crazy. Maybe I am. What sane woman would want a spider dome in her formal living/dining room? I went to Costco with the kids Wednesday when David was out of town for work. The kids saw it and totally were on my side. All it took was Emily texting David, "please Daddy please". And we now have a spider dome in our living room.
It's a thing of beauty, right? The kids are having a blast and will have the strongest abs ever.

I climbed right up, hung from my knees and immediately got stuck. Apparently, I'm not 18 anymore. Then, I was laughing so hard as the blood was rushing to my head to be effective at all in getting myself down. David had to save me.

If you had the space and 3 small kids, would you put something like this in your house?

Friday, January 4, 2013


It's no secret that Noah is my most difficult child. He can be rude, mean and completely inappropriate at times. And he can be sweet, giving and lovable at times. You typically don't know if you are going to get the sweet Noah that likes to cuddle or the Noah that's running around calling everybody a buttcrack.

In any case, I feel the need to point out the positives. Like this super cute drawing he did the other day. It's a ninja turtle in case you're blind.  Seriously, this just makes me smile.
He can be so cantankerous. Sometimes, in those bad moments, I scrunch up my nose, gnarl my teeth and give him my best cat hiss. For some reason, he finds this funny not frightening. I had to grab the camera last night and film him trying to hiss back at me. Don't mind David in the back yelling for paper towels. He was changing his car battery and needed paper towels and I was hissing at Noah. It's how we roll.

He makes me laugh. Gosh, I love that kid.