Sunday, December 1, 2013


We had a great Thanksgiving at my Dad and Suzy's house. We always get there a little early. The kids were good and spent some time coloring in some cool coloring books that Grandma Suzy got them.
My Dad got this swing from a friend. It's super cool.
David and his kids.
Emily took one of David and I.
My Dad carving the turkey while Katie Sue patiently waits for a bite.
Noah pounding on the ivories. There was no tickling involved.
The crowd...
It was a great day, and it was nice to see everyone.

Meanwhile, Buddy the Elf is up to no good. I'll post pics in another post. But, the army men tied him up last night. It's been great fun waking up to see what he was up to!


Linda said...

Wonderful photos of everyone. :) Thanks for sharing.

My updates on fb, attest to our weekend which included not only Thanksgiving, but movies with Sarah and Jim, lunches and shopping, and Christmas with my family. I feel like I now need the entire month of December off work, but it's not so bad I guess... I only work for a couple of weeks really and am off for most of it. :)

Happy December.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, sorry I haven't been able to comment on the past couple posts but Rachel and I have been checking them out Love Buddy and his antics. Looks like that will be a good tradition for upcoming years as well. Rachel is anxious to get there and see him.
Love all the pics from Thanksgiving The kids looked great in their pics with their dad.The one Emily took of you and David is great too. Anyway looks like you had a nice day. Better than mine for sure. Even thought Alisa was here they spent the whole day at Disney , so it was just any other day for me.
Thanks for sharing all the pics and updates on what's been going on around your place.