Monday, December 9, 2013

Piano Recital

Emily had her Christmas Piano Recital last night. It's always so great to go and hear the girls play. My girl looked so pretty in her dress Grammie got her.
Here are the 4 piano girls.
And the girls with Mrs. Stacy.
Emily played O Christmas Tree, Up on the Housetop, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleen and Amazing Grace. Now, Emily isn't the best when it comes to practicing. She goes to her lesson every week, but when I tell her to practice, it's usually met with an eye roll or in a minute remark. We've been getting on her the last few weeks to really practice these songs and she did. Before the recital, she played all 4 of them perfectly. Then, we went to the recital and she struggled with every song in spots. She quickly recovered and it wasn't a big deal. But, when we got home, she was really upset with herself. We told her we were proud of her and that it's scary playing for 8 minutes in front of 10 people. We also told her if she practiced more, it may not have happened. I think she learned a few things from this recital.

As a parent, you just want your kids to do well. When she was on the beam at gymnastics the other day, I think I said in my head, please don't fall, through the whole routine. You know what they can do and you just want them to shine and feel good about what they've accomplished. So, when she started God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and paused. Then, tried to start again and paused. Then, let out a sigh and started again. I was just praying she didn't burst into tears. But, you know what? She let out that sigh, regained her composure and nailed it. I was so proud of her.

After the girls all get a trophy and certificate.
Stacy had this super cute cake made at Sam's Club.
The girls all thought it was neat that they got to eat their face.

It was a lovely night and we are so proud of Emily. She has asked that I post another video of her playing her songs perfectly when she gets home from school later today. Which is fine with me, but I hope she knows she doesn't have to prove anything to anybody. She knows she can nail all of them. We are only human and sometimes we all need to let out a deep sigh and start over.


Anonymous said...

Oh my we are so proud of Emily. Not only does she look beautiful , but she is so inspiring with her diversified talents. I repeat we are so proud! The piano selections were great and even though she noticed there was a little hesitation we might not have paid attention if we were just casual observers. I can't wait to see how she'll do when spring recital comes around.(Especially if she practices a little more.... )But we love her and enjoy her hard work even though we are a few thousand miles away. Thanks you so much for sharing the event with us and if she redoes the selections we will be more than happy to watch it again.:)
Great Job, Em!
See you soon.

Linda said...

I totally agree with your post and Emily did excellent!! It's not all about being perfect; I couldn't agree more. What a wonderful teacher as well to take such care into these recitals and provide awards, cake, etc. Very nice!!

As for music practice, good luck with that though, lol. I speak from experience with my musician - Sarah played piano beautifully, but rarely ever practiced, and as for her flute - even though she's been 1st chair for a while and played since 6th grade, she rarely ever practices. Like Emily, she has an apparent knack for music (and other things) and some kids get by without all of the practice. So, I've been told by my sister, the music teacher, as well, who now has 2 daughters, my nieces, who play French Horn and Kayla is an award winner on that, despite limited practice. So, that's why I write "good luck" ;o)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Em! You played beautifully!
Love, Aunti Pam